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Green solution to global plastic problem

The ReFork's vision

We bring a solution � not merely an idea. The vision of ReFork is to improve the ecological situation on the planet by producing biodegradable plastics. By manufacturing products which do not threaten our nature, we will help significantly improve the ecological situation on the planet. In order to achieve this, we plan on creating a strong community of people with the same goal and mission.

WHERE: ReFork website

WHAT: ReFork produces 100% biodegradable products to replace disposable plastics.

WHY: The world faces a plastic crisis that is already irretrievably destroying nature. The European Union directive, which will come into force in 2021, prohibits the use of disposable plastics and other non-EU countries are joining. The world needs a solution to this crisis and ReFork wants to be the solution.

PRODUCTION: Currently, we are able to produce 3,000,000 pieces of 100% biodegradable ReFork products per month.

PATENT: Pending


Team members


EFK token is ERC20 based on Ethereum and represents a utility token. The EFK tokens do not represent a share in a company, property or other security. All tokens, i.e. 4,000,000,000 EFK tokens, are preloaded and their distribution is predefined. The entire process and distribution of tokens are transparent thanks to the Ethereum smart contract.

EFK Token has the following functions:

  • Community
  • Buy back
  • Partner
  • Ecological kickstarter

All products' photos can be found HERE


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