Reflect Finance – Hold in your personal wallet and Compound your earning!

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Do you want to earn every minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day?? Reflect Finance $RFI – a new DeFI platform with a new idea in the DeFi space is the answer.

I will keep it simple and just take few minutes of yours to explain what you get in this revolutionary project.

   1. 1% of each transaction is instantly split up between EVERY holders of $RFI token. You dont have to stake the token in any third party DApps, no vaults, no farming.. Just HOLD the token in your personal wallet! Simple isn't it?
   2. Dual Yield Capability -> But just in case if you want to earn additional passive income you can still stake, farm the tokens in the third party DApps. Important aspect is you would get yields from both 1% transaction fees and as well from the third party APYs. Dual Yields !!
   3. Enhanced ROI -> The RFI Smart contract code allow certain addresses like the Uniswap pool or exchange wallets, to be blocked from earning fees. So the fees generated would not go to this Dapps but instead will be transferred to the holders.
   4. True Decentralization -> There is no team , no ICO, no Pre-Sale, No FundRaising of any kind. Everything is build on smart contract and there is no team here to give $RFI any value. Its Open Free market !! And only community benefits from this project.

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