‘Raise’, BitRabbit will Launch Crowdfunding Platform

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April 13, 2019
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‘Raise’, BitRabbit will Launch Crowdfunding Platform

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BitRabbit will launch crowdfunding platform Raise, which contains the jumping spirit of rabbit, contains rise, gather, and excellent. We hope to make Raise a platform for the convergence of well-known projects, a platform for outstanding investors to leap, and a platform that represents the positive forces of the industry. We will select well-known high-quality projects on the platform to open up crowdfunding to you. These projects have undergone rigorous reviews and will be launched on the BitRabbit Digital Asset Exchange after crowdfunding.


When the crowdfunding project is in progress, users can participate in the crowdfunding using currency specified by the project, and obtain the project token in proportion after it's completed. The project will open trading pairs shortly after the crowdfunding is completed.

BRB has �credit rights� on the Raise platform, users who hold BRB will have �credit priority� in crowdfunding on Raise. The specific rules will be announced in the �Project Crowdfunding Announcement�. Please be expected!

BitRabbit digital asset Exchange is from Perth, Australia, and open to more than 26 countries and regions golobally, such as Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. The platform is currently ranked in the top 50 on CMC.

BRB is the universal point of "BitRabbit Exchange" and "BunnyPub Community". It is a point system issued and managed on the basis of blockchain. Its total amount is 200 million, of which 20% has been released to early investors, 30% to the team (locked for four years), and the remaining 50% is for strategic reserve. In the early stage of development, BitRabbit will take a certain proportion from the team's BRB share for promotions, such as Exchange marketing and BunnyPub mining. In the future, the value of BRB will be linked with the traffic of the BitRabbit Exchange and BunnyPub community, and be supported by different �converting traffic into BRB� behaviors, such as charging BRB for listing on BitRabbit Exchange, service fee deduction, or advertising position on BunnyPub community.

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