pShare – Privately and securely share data with friends, family, and colleagues.

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What does pShare� do?

pShare� (PrivateShare) is a privacy-oriented peer-to-peer file-sharing and streaming application, linked together by Duality�s powerful BDAP� system. Hosted on the Dynamic� blockchain with a highly-developed UI, pShare� allows the sharing of files privately with friends, family and colleagues, without concerns about a third party shadowing your information.

pShare� protects privacy with a peer-to-peer network linked to a users BDAP� account, and uses VGP� end-to-end encryption technology, giving users exclusive authority over who they share content with. pShare� is easy to use, integrates directly with your file explorer, and is compatible with most operating systems.

Comparable to torrents, where you can access data via other peers, but with the key difference that pShare� offers both private and public groups for sharing information. Public groups are located on the blockchain while private groups are encrypted on the DHT (Distributed Hash Table) which is distributed across the nodes on the Dynamic� blockchain. The blockchain is used as a network auditing mechanism which adds an extra layer of access security. pShare� allows computers behind NATs and firewalls to connect using the same VoIP technology as large communications vendors.

Why is pShare� needed?

Whilst cloud storage and file sharing is available from a large number of service providers, they usually all share the same flaw, centralization, which result in serious security breaches such as the ones appearing on the news ever so often.

Database breaches have become more and more common over the years, with hackers using more sophisticated methods than ever to gain access to private data, records, and other sensitive information. Cloud storage is no exception, though these attacks more often than not target individuals instead of large directories, to gain personal files for blackmail, or leaking on the internet.

The huge advantage of pShare� over centralized storage systems is that the user retains true ownership and control of the shared files, choosing who has access to them at all times. Whether they�re going to be shared publicly, shared within a close group of friends and family, or colleagues at work, pShare� maintains the highest standards of security through the use of VGP�, a proprietary end to end encryption standalone library created by Duality. Unlike cloud services where files are available at all times even when the user sharing those files is no longer online, with pShare� the shared files are not available once the pShare� application is closed, and/or the user is no longer online.

Duality will be providing demonstrations and tutorials covering all aspects of pShare� leading up to release.

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