ProBit Exchange First to List ROCKZ (RKZ) ~$11,000 Worth of RKZ for PROB users~

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ProBit Exchange ( is glad to announce the listing of ROCKZ. The RKZ/BTC pairing will be made available for deposit on 1 Feb 2019 and for trading on 1 Feb 2019 at ProBit Exchange.

Listing Event Details

Duration: 1 Feb � 27 Mar 2019

Total amount: 10,660 RKZ


1. Trade RKZ, Earn RKZ

Duration: 14 Feb – 27 Mar 2019

4,200 RKZ will be distributed to the Top 100 traders, in proportion to their total effective trading volume of ROCKZ.

Each account may receive a maximum of 84 RKZ.

ProBit Exchange reserves the right to penalize users who are suspected of foul play.


2. Hold PROB, Earn RKZ

Holders of PROB tokens will receive 5,360 RKZ split depending on user�s PROB holdings:

  • Tier 1 (1,000+ PROB): 10% of this event budget
  • Tier 2 (10,000+ PROB): 25% of this event budget
  • Tier 3 (100,000+ PROB): 65% of this event budget

Members will qualify for all the tiers below them. For example, Tier 2 user will qualify for both Tier 2 and Tier 1 rewards.

The snapshot of the PROB tokens for calculation of rewards will be taken at a random time in Feb 2019.


3. Be Active, Earn RKZ

Duration: 4 Feb – 13 Mar 2019 (5 weeks)

A lucky draw will be conducted every Wednesday at 15:00 KST throughout the campaign duration. A total of 1,100 RKZ will be shared by all lucky draw winners of 5 draws.

Users who have traded RKZ at ProBit Exchange in the past week are eligible for the lucky draw. 20 lucky winners will be chosen every week for a duration of 5 weeks.

The schedule of event and lucky draw are as follows:

  • 1st Week: 4 Feb 0:00 KST (Monday) to 10 Feb 23:59 KST (Sunday); Lucky Draw: 13 Feb 15:00 KST (Wednesday)
  • 2nd Week: 11 Feb 0:00 KST (Monday) to 17 Feb 23:59 KST (Sunday); Lucky Draw: 20 Feb 15:00 KST (Wednesday)
  • 3rd Week: 18 Feb 0:00 KST (Monday) to 24 Feb 23:59 KST (Sunday); Lucky Draw: 27 Feb 15:00 KST (Wednesday)
  • 4th Week: 25 Feb 0:00 KST (Monday) to 3 Mar 23:59 KST (Sunday); Lucky Draw: 6 Mar 15:00 KST (Wednesday)
  • 5th Week: 4 Mar 0:00 KST (Monday) to 10 Mar 23:59 KST (Sunday); Lucky Draw: 13 Mar 15:00 KST (Wednesday)
    ProBit Exchange ( is a global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange that receives no listing fees. ProBit Exchange only lists qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange boasts order matching speed of over 1.5 million orders per second and has a customizable user interface. In addition,

    ROCKZ ( is the first stablecoin fully backed (1:1) by the strongest fiat currency in the world, the Swiss Francs(CHF). ROCKZ Swiss Franc (CHF) reserves are held under a regulated framework with Swiss Banks in Switzerland. ROCKZ owners are offered full transparency and legal enforceability over the reserves under Swiss law at any point in time. The reserve audit are released to the public on a monthly basis and the company has a statutory and regulatory audit on an annual basis.



  • ProBit Exchange reserves the right to cancel or amend the event rules at our sole discretion.
  • ProBit Exchange reserves the right for final interpretation of the results of this event.





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