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Classical institutional investors have a problem in common with ICO investors: evaluation of startups/projects. Sometimes the investor likes the project, the team appeals, but the deal does not happen due to the investor's lack of expertise in this segment. This complicates the process of interaction of market participants and reduces the efficiency of money.

In developed economies, the problem is solved through the creation of accelerators and incubators, which, accumulating expertise in their hands, select projects for a group of investors who earn huge money on this. The first investors, Uber, for example, got the opportunity to get a return of [almost] 75,000% when the company´┐Żs IPO.

This is more than many ICOs. This is more than most ICOs.

For small business angels with average checks of $200-300K, such profitability is not available because they do not have a set of competencies for a comprehensive evaluation of projects, and the size of their checks is usually not interesting for accelerators who have this expertise.


We developed a system of criteria for evaluating the investment attractiveness of start-ups at the early stage of the Utopia Audit Framework and developed an automatic evaluation system based on these criteria.

This application allows you to identify promising projects on the basis of mathematical models based on data on the interests of the investor to the stage and the segment and on the basis of previous investment experience.

Algorithms of the application analyze the project in back office according to more than twenty criteria in five groups: team, economy, security, market and product.

You can find out more about the criteria in the document. Currently the current version is 0.4. In the following, 0.5, which will be added to the power of significance of the parameter.


In 2018, $ 160 billion was invested in 11,000 startups. By the end of 2019, 15% of these projects will die (optimistic). In money, this is a loss of about $ 2.2 billion (we take only 30.1% of seed transactions worth $ 15 billion). If the scoring system lowers the death rate by only 1% (this is just something – weed out 33 obviously unreliable startups), then we are already saving $ 22 million

Considering that the biggest hindrance is mortality at the seed investment stage, that is, during the investment of business angels and small venture studios, we expect high demand for the service we are developing.

Expected demand is confirmed by a three-week deposit among 30 business angels with average investment checks of $ 200K.


Under development


At the moment we are growing for our investments. The main profit of the company is the provision of business evaluation services for business angels and venture studios. We are looking for co-investors with expertise in financial organizations, accelerators, venture funds. The required investment amount is $100K for a share of not more than 20%.

Business model

In development. We tend that the optimal business model is a freemium model by subscription: information about three startups a month an investor can get for free


Under development


Full concept with interfaces for the investor and for the project
Expert group chat to discuss algorithms (on request)
Chat ICO project team

Project support

Our team has not resolved many issues before launching an ICO project: business model, marketing strategy, token structure , etc. .
We will gratefully accept all possible assistance in the form of a critical comment or expert opinion.

We are also ready to accept cryptocurrency
BTC: 16YPgwa7omTC35XTQyaPGEwbtc6wbvzMvy
ETH: 0xe9398EA114287D9227DBF5Be3eC20a09212BC8Ba
Bitcoin Cash: qpety0ef2dswzzsjqkk7xzs7spqn2qlusyp9khw4zg


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