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The gambling industry has always been an attractive place for investment and stable earnings.
Unfortunately, due to the strict control, this area does not always have the ability to qualitatively develop in many countries.
Transition solution – creating sites for gambling, using cryptocurrency, also caused many problems, of which the main are:

-Slow speed of assets input/output
-Cryptocurrency high volatility
-Availability of additional resources (such as exchanges), complicating the process of occurrence.
-High centralized cryptocurrency assets.

To solve these problems, we created cryptocurrency CRCA and Gambling Platform.


The main features of the gambling platform and cryptocurrency:

– Fiat currency used either on a third-party Exchange, either through p2p payment gate. Read more about it in the appropriate section of the documentation.
– 90% cryptocurrency assets distributed among the interested investors.
– Coins are stored on site in staking wallet. There are two balances – gaming and cumulative.
– For masternoide owners platform provides additional capabilities, such as hosting masternodes directly on own platform, support 24/7, using a separate queue when using payment gate and access to game section with maximum stakes.

Thus, the used platform solves all the problems that exist at the moment. In connection with the use of the p2p payment gate does not require additional means of regulation, owners of the platform are not directly related to the transfer of fiat money.

A little more info about p2p payment gate.
P2p Payment gate – the innovative technology used for fast i/o. So as a platform for their work uses only cryptocurrency CRCA , p2p payment gate will be a reliable and convenient way to transfer CRCA in fiat and back.
How does the p2p payment gate works?

Suppose you need to pull the won on a platform, and you want to immediately translate them into fiat currency.
You offer your coins CRCA in the payment queue of p2p payment gate, indicating your fiat particulars.
As CRCA price wil be used yesterday price at the close of trading on the main Exchange.
At this time, another user who wants to make deposit, making fiat deposit and buys directly from the users of coins CRCA queued.
CRCA masternode owners have priority when making a withdrawal, primarily handled their position on withdrawal.
In addition to the payment gate, available direct i/o coins CRCA to any address as it may be the local wallet, Exchange wallet, etc.
In the plans is the goal of creating our own physical wallet.


CRCA Technical specification:

Coin name: CRCA

Ticker: CRCA

Algorithm: POS

Type: POS / MN

Number of POW blocks: 2100 (0 CRCA block reward)

The maximum number of coins: 50 000 000

Premine: 500 000 CRCA (1%)

Block reward: 10 CRCA

Rewards distribution: 20% Staking, 80% Masternodes

Masternode collateral: 5000 CRCA

The number of confirmations: 5 blocks

The number of mining confirmations (coinbase): 30 blocks

Block time: 120 seconds

CRCA Gambling Platform.

Gambling Platform CRCA is the online casino with the following features:
– More than 50 popular slot machines
– More than 10 roulettes
– Poker tables with different modes
– Betting on exchange rate CRCA (rising/falling/accurate price)

Beta will be available at June 27. Full version – July 2

Demo version – TBA (in nearly days)

CRCA Roadmap.


Premine distribution.

Total available 500 000 CRCA.

50000 CRCA – Pre-sale, held to launch the main chain. Proceeds will be used for listing on the core resources for monitoring. unsold leftovers will be used for promotional purposes.

400000 CRCA – Main sales. The funds will be used for listing on the cryptocurrency exchange. Sales have a main purpose-even distribution of CRCA.

50000 CRCA – Operational reserve required for Gambling Platform work (Winner payouts).



All trades will be held in the discord. Presale will be with fix price, main sales – by auction.

The price is based on an analysis of the current state of the market and the dynamics of prices for new coins.

Payment wallets:

BTC – 3KwkSgDanJj4TTY53kyB9kEs3siFfzFggD

BCH – qr34m8236ngnrcfuarnch4wptc0c6lxpav9dhz5h2f

DOGE – DFJA49Z8ZktKLhg1Rb4ri1h6L8fitNcpL9

LTC – LhpB3b7oE7c432uFME2Fp6SyFL2jYnefkE

Links and downloads.

Whitepaper (TBA: In 1 day)


Site (TBA: June 27)

Github (TBA: June 09)

Wallets (TBA: June 09)

Blockexplorer (TBA: June 09)

Gambling Platform (TBA: June 27 Beta)

Twitter (TBA: In 1 day)

Masternodes.online (TBA: June 11 – June 19)

MnRank (TBA: June 11 – June 19)

Exchanges (TBA: June 19 – June 23):

In plans:

CryptoBridge (main goal)

STEX (additional exchange)

Translations (TBA):

We are waiting for your suggestions on translation.


borderline – italian translate

Bounties and airdrops:

There are currently no plans for a bounty campaign or airdrops (except translations).

Team and contacts:

Main developer – available in discord: CRCA_admin#1884 (id 578629817033818117)

Sales and marketing – available in discord: Crypto legal#2013 (id 585842939633336334)

Tech support – available in bitcointalk (it's me)

Additional mail for contact – [email protected]

Helpdesk – TBA: June 27

Main office (virtual) – Pindar Rd, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN11 oFJ

LinkedIn profiles and additional contacts will be available soon.

KYD (or analogue) can be passed at June 15 – June 20


Discord: https://discord.gg/eGjrQuy

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