[PRE-ANN]HALOCOIN | Launch 27/02/19 @4pm UTC | x16r PoW/MN | Crowdfund Platform

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Halocoin – [HLO]
X16r PoW/MN


Halocoin will be the base currency for Halo Crowdfunding Platform.
For more details on the platform, roadmap, faq's, please visit our website.

Join us on Discord to stay up to date on all events

Coin Specs

Name � Halo
Ticker � HLO
Algorithm – X16r
Block Time � 2 minutes
Instamine Protection – Block 1 – 150
Block Reward – 50 HLO
PoW reward – 25 hLO
Masternode reward – 25 HLO
Masternodes (From Block 1500)
Masternode Collateral � 15,000 HLO
Premine � 1.5%
Max Supply � 53 Mil



Block Explorer (Currently running Testnet)
Official Pool






Official Team Pool
gos.cx Pool

If any other pools wish to be added, please post link to pool in this thread
Source will be given to pools owners on Discord 30 mins prior to launch



Translations: 50 HLO for Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, French, Russian. (Will be verified, NO Google Translate)

Medium/SteemIt/Reddit: 1-150 HLO Per Quality Blog – Minimum 200 Followers (Must be an authored post, NO Copy/Paste)

Youtube Videos:  1-250 HLO Per Quality Video – Minimum 300 Subscribers (Must Be 2 Mins or longer)

Twitter: Follow us on twitter and retweet for 5 HLO.

Giveaways: Join our discord for daily giveaways.  

All submissions are subject to review and payouts will depend on the quality of the post.

Please submit all submissions along with HALO addresses on our discord channel #bounties.





The Blockchain Based Crowdfunding Platform


These days, you have to ask yourself, what are the chances of a successful crowdfunding campaign?
Due the the high volume of campaigns, it seems that only the rich,
well connected or those with corporate resources behind them, are
the ones successful.
With only the top few percent getting noticed, where does that leave the average person?

The solution is Halo.

What makes Halo different?

A limited number of active campaigns
By only allowing a small number of campaigns to run at any one time,
visibility is greater and the chance of success is increased exponentially.

Halo Merits
Donators will be rewarded Halo Merits for each dollar donated to a campaign.
With an increase in merits when Halo�s native currency (HLO) is used.
Merits can be accumulated and once a donator has acquired enough, they can be used to create their own campaign.
By using the Merit System, only people who donate are eligible to start campaigns.
By helping others, you help yourself.

A fair system
Once you have acquired your Halo Merits and are ready to submit your request for a campaign, our team will review and verify it complies with all Halo guidelines. If approved, you will be given a ticket number and placed in a queue. There is no queue jumping and ALL campaigns will be activated in order of tickets. You can keep track of your campaign start date and other aspects, such as funds raised, in your own personal Halo Portal. Within this portal, you may make last minute edits and improvements to your campaign. (Subject to the approval of moderators)

A level playing field
Everyone is equal. There are no corners cut.
Simply donate, earn merits, and launch your own campaign.
Merits are earned as a reward for actively backing projects and can not be bought/sold by third parties.

Acceptance of alternative currencies
Halo Platform welcomes cryptocurrencies.
The platform allows for the use of ALL digital assets that have been listed on a Coinmarketcap recognized exchange and meet our guidelines.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlatformHalo

Github: https://github.com/Halo-Core/Halocoin

Discord: https://discord.gg/h7W6Zey

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