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Bounty hunting has been a key part of the ICO world and the Blockchain economy in general. Bounty hunting came into full screen with the introduction of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 1, 2008 when he posted a research paper to an obscure cryptography listserv describing a new digital currency that solved most of the challenges faced in the financial and digital currency world, especially the challenge of having a usable digital currency and its independence and untraceable feature.

Most successful ICOs today were only successful with the efforts of Bounty Hunters & Managers from the Crypto World. It is advisable that Bounty begins several days before ICO so that awareness about the ICO can actively register on people's mind before ICO sales. There is no other way to begin a Bounty campaign, TeamBounty already has all resources needed to begin.

Gone are the days when Managers updates spreadsheet daily, this is prone to several mistakes and too much work for a Manager. The TeamBounty platform makes this as easy as ABC. Most of the processes are automated, you only need to approve from your Dashboard no need to check Facebook or Twitter, right from your TeamBounty Dashboard you will see all tweets, comments, blog post, video uploads and all.


Despite the great success experienced by different ICOs through bounty hunting, there are still some problems faced by ICOs in the blockchain economy. Some challenges faced by ICOs include:

    -Manual stake calculation
    -Manual application and management
    -Bounty hunters Fraud
    -Ineffective bounty systems
    -Few tasks
    -Few participants
    -Countries with little or no participation in social activities
    -The inability for project owners to follow up on bounty
    -No proper tracking and record of bounty
    -Denial of more experienced bounty hunters bounty projects
    -No proper reward system for excellent bounty hunters


Teambounty is a marketing and a bounty platform that is has been able to solve the problems faced by most bounty platforms.

Some of our remarkable features are:

    -Most of our processes are automated
    -Project owners are able to accurately monitor the process of the ICO project
    -Project owners are able to approve tasks when due
    -No wavering in terms and conditions from the very beginning of the project
    -Simple and robust platform
    -Sufficient bounty hunters for all ICO projects.
    -Verified bounty hunters.
    -High flexibility in starting any bounty campaigns (signature campaign, download campaign, product testing campaign, blog post campaign, social media campaign)
    -Simplified verification and monitoring of campaigns
    -Approve Comments
    -Approve Posts
    -Approve Earnings
    -Monitor Downloads
    -Monitor all tasks
    -All hunters are ranked on TeamBounty based on reputation
    -Most professional way of calculating stakes
    -Project owner protection as well as bounty hunter protection.
    -And finally the ability to set your project based on your budget


With the introduction of Teambounty into the ICO community, most of the challenges faced by other bounty platforms have been solved by the Teambounty platform. Advantages of using TEAMBOUNTY include:

    -Faster promotion of projects on TEAMBOUNTY than on any other platform.
    -Running a campaign based on location. You can choose to run a bounty marketing project in a particular country or region.
    -Ability to set your project budget
    -You can either get independent managers or hire our bounty managers
    -A robust system to manage over 100,000 users on the platform.
    -Automated stake calculation (this removes any error in stake calculation)
    -Standard Verification of all bounty hunters on registration
    -TEAMBOUNTY covers every region in the world. (no location restriction)
    -Tracking and recording of all bounty
    -And simple and effective follow-up system for all project owners


TEAMBOUNTY has made bounty hunting and marketing easy by solving all marketing, advertising and ICO campaign problems faced by the Blockchain community. It is, therefore, a step to success for all ICO projects to trust TEAMBOUNTY seeing that we have real and ready to work hunters who are dedicated to the success of your campaign.

Website: https://teambounty.com
Telegram: https://t.me/teambountyofficial
Facebook: https://facebook.com/teambountyoficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/teambountyglobe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teambountyglobe
Telegram https://t.me/teambountyofficial

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