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After nearly two years of development and platform expansion, we are proud to announce the public launch of the PUFFScoin blockchain for April 20, 2019. We had scheduled to launch at this time last year, but took the extra time to allow for cannabis legislation in our home country of Canada to be codified and enforced, allowing us to operate in a nation with the economy of a legalized recreational cannabis industry. There were also far too many ICOs and spurious projects operating last year, and we felt that sort of launch was not a sustainable enterprise, opting to provide utility and service over the hyped nature of the cryptocurrency ecosphere last year.

Elevator pitch? We are using an autonomous Ethereum-type framework, and actively developing decentralized applications and smart contract suites specifically adapted to provide necessary services to the cannabis industry, from an incentivized and agnostic supply chain, cannabis advertising marketplaces, distributed token economies and more.

What makes us different is our multi-faceted approach to provide a variety of business and web services to the cannabis industry and user. Our Core Development Team is registered as a partnership in Nova Scotia called The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary. The Leafy Cauldron will operate as both an online and bricks-and-mortar smoke shop, as well as provide the hosting mechanisms for our ancillary services. We have developed and begun launching secondary services serving the cannabis subculture, including the reefer*review, BONGgoggles, PuffBuddys, 420BnB and DOOBr. These will evolve to operate with core functions governed by smart contracts deployed on the PUFFScoin blockchain. We are also dedicated to balancing the mercantile cryptocurrency ideal with philanthropy, and have adjusted core protocols to send gas consumed through network interaction to a community-managed beneficiary fund, and partnering with medical cannabis dispensaries, will provide medical cannabis to veterans and first responders. Much of our token architecture we will focus development upon will be set towards building an economy to assist veterans support groups and cannabis advocacy groups.

Our MUCH longer introductory package is available at http://puffscoin.leafycauldronapothecary.com/announcement/
Visit us at puffscoin.leafycauldronapothecary.com for detailed information on our projects, ancillary services and plans for expansion.

We are also looking to add to our development team. If you think you can make a difference, contact [email protected] and lets talk! We are looking to expand our work on the blockchain, smart contract suites and secondary web services.


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