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Mainnet Launch Date: 5th September

FxCoin is a secure, risk-free & unique smart investment trading group which gives dividend-paying every week generated from FOREX, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrency trading directly sent into the FxCoin market (Exchanges & OTC).

A brief history

FxCoin idea first came up in March 2019 with three people sitting in a cafe, who shared a determination and an idea for the startup to use their own professional trading skills and 5yrs+ experience in forex market for their clients to provide them with easy and safe returns on their investment without doing anything on their own. This makes easy for the newbies or the clients who wants to invest in forex but not sure how to start or doesn't want to take risk of losing. For them this was the best opportunity to get hands into forex world without taking any risk and making handsome profits everyweek. Trading forex needs lots of knowledge, experience and market study from the past and compare with current market trends and follow the every minute detailed news around the globe. Most important thing for a trader is to know something called money management and patience which all our founders already got it. Our founders believed they could manage assets in a way that was better for their clients � by utilizing their passion, knowledge and skills for trading in forex and also understanding and managing the risk.

Coin Specs

     Coin name: FxCoin
     Symbol: FXN
     Algorithm: x11
     Total supply: 5,500,000 minus burnt coins (CBA)
     Premine: 550,000
     MN Collateral: 10,000
     Block Time: 120 seconds
     Difficulty Re-targeting: Every Block
     Type: POW/POS Hybrid (POW ends in 50k-th block)
     Block Rewards:
          ☛ Block 1 – 5000: 2 coin
          ☛ Block 5000 – 10,000: 3 coin
          ☛ Block 10,001 – 25,000: 4 coin
          ☛ Block 25,001 – 50,000: 5 coin
          ☛ Block 50,001 – 100,000: 3 coin
          ☛ Block 100,001 – inf: 2 coin
     Yearly supply: 525,600 coin (After 100k-th block)
     Reward Structure: 50% mining/50% MN

How it will work

      1. Funds Allocation: Initial trading funds will be collected from Presale. If the Presale is not successful, initial funds will be allocated from the team.
     2. Trading & Investments: Allocated funds will be used in trading and various investments to generate profit.
     3. Profit Sharing: 40% of our profits will be sent to exchanges every week to increase the market liquidity and to buy coins.
     4. Coin Burning: All the coins that we will buy from exchanges every week will be burnt.
     5. Distribution Timetable: The profit generated a week will be distributed in the following week in any random day and the report will be posted on every Sunday regarding distribution.

Investors => FxCoin => Profit <= Trading & Investments <= Team

Benefits for Investors & Community:

     1. Transparency: For our clients and members, we here provide all in one under the same roof, trading and investment is done by our experienced expertise traders by finding the right opportunity to invest into the market at right time with risk free trading and money management . You get all in one place without taking any risk and spending lots of time searching for better trading opportunity. We do all that for you, you just take the dividends every week. All the reports and investment will be made publicly visible to everyone and weekly reports will be provided about our investment, dividends, etc.
     2. Solid Business Plan: Most cryptocurrencies have no actual usecase or business plan. They just show random development lists etc without any plan to back the market and so on. To make a cryptocurrency successful, the team should not rely on only the investors/buyers and it needs to have a solid business plan to make win win situation for both parties, the team and the community. FxCoin team has brilliant plans to make the project successful.
     3. Liquidity: Most cryptocurrencies, specially masternode coins fail due to lack of liquidity in the market. The liquidity almost goes to zero when the project becomes old. But in the case of FxCoin, There will be enough liquidity in the market always to sell generated coins from masternodes/mining as 40% of generated profits will enter the market every week and there will be demand for the coin.
     4. Coin Burning: This technique will be used to sustain the coin value and to reduce the inflation. Every single coin that is purchased with the profit funds will be burnt. A public burn address will be used to burn the coins.
     5. Coin Value: As every week new money will enter the market and a part of coins from the circulation will be burnt so value of coin will be increasing. Demand for the coin will also help to get more value. So, instead of price crash, FxCoin will increase it's value with the time.
     6. Trading Signals: We will write about our open positions (running trades) & holdings to keep the community informed in #currently-trading channel on Discord. If you're a trader, you can follow our trades.


     Q3 2019
          – Project Launch
          – Mainnet launch
          – Presale stages
          – Trading starts with investment funds
sp;         – Profit sharing & coin burning starts

     Q4 2019
          – Listing in 1st exchange
          – New platform implementation
          – Trading tips and news portal opening
          – MN platform listing
          – Marketing & promotions

     Q1 2020
          – Premium membership system
          – Recruiting more traders
          – Finding new investment opportunities and investing profits in bonds, mutual funds, banks etc.
          – Partnership with various platforms
          – Preparing full roadmap for 2020

Trade history of last 6 weeks with the initial capital of 10,000 USD.

Official Links

      Official Website: FxCoin.Trade (Under Construction)
     Official Twitter: @FxcoinOfficial
     Official Discord: https://discord.gg/AUwdbk4
     WhitePaper: Will be available soon


How to invest in FxCoin?

To invest in FxCoin, you need to either mine it before the POW stage ends or you need to buy from presale. We don't force anyone to buy from presale because we have alternative plans to make the project successful.


Presale is required to kickstart the project. The funds raised from presale will be sent to a top broker account and the funds will never be spent. Generated profit from the funds will be used for developments, exchange and platform listings etc and 40% from the profit will be shared with the investors through the market.

Presale Stages:

1st 10 MN => 0.20 BTC each
2nd 15 MN => 0.25 BTC each
3rd 25 MN => 0.30 BTC each

How to buy from Presale: One public BTC address will be used to collect the presale funds, if you find our project innovate and worthy to invest and decide buy a MN, then send BTC to the given address and post the txid in #reserve-mn channel.


Note: The admins will never send you message first, beware of scammers.
In case the Presale is not successful, initial funds will be allocated from the team.[/size]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FxcoinOfficial

Discord: https://discord.gg/AUwdbk4

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