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Website www.labrotix.com
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Hello, dear blockchain community.

The Labrotix  Coin

Labrotix is used as a base for market operations. It is a project created. Labrotix coin is designed to create a fund for developing labrotix exchange.

White Paper

Coin Specs

Coin name : Labrotix
Coin Symbol: LBO
Algo: Quark Zerocoin
Type: PoS/MN
Rewards: MN %80 / POS %20
Block Maturity: 120 blocks
Target timespan: 16 minutes
Premine: (400000 LBO)
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Min Staking age: 5 hours
Masternode collateral: 2000 LBO
P2P port: 62002
RPC port: 62001


Q4 2018  ( Complate)
Labrotix Idea
Labrotix Exchange Idea


Q1 2019  (in process)
Labrotix Coin Creation
Labrotix Exchange  Development
Labrotix Block Explorer Create
Labrotix Wallet Development ( Linux, Windows )


Q2 2019
Labrotix Exchange  Development ( Eth Based Tokens Listed )
Labrotix Exchange Mobile App
Labrotix Coin Airdrop Start



Labrotix Team

Web Developer: Yuriy Novikov
Blockchain Developer: Nikalay Kuzmin
Mobile App Developer: Sergey Samod

 *Detailed information of the developer team is hidden for security purposes.

The Labrotix  Exchange

By closely following the new developments in Labrotix exchange. By making strong improvements on the platform, it is closely following new technologies. Bitcoin supports all coins built on the pivx, Dash platform. We aim to provide an inexpensive environment for large and small investors with low commission rates.


Any online service responsible for handling user funds has the responsibility to be as secure as possible. In the past several years,security breaches have been widespread, causing losses of user funds from exchanges and cryptocurrency related services in the millions. Labrotix exchange will offer the following security features:


Passwords are not stored (hashes are stored)
All sensitive user data is encrypted using AES256 before being inserted into the database.
The system is not vulnerable to SQL injections.
CloudFlare is used for DDoS mitigation.
Google Authenticator is used for two factor authentication.
Secure offline multi signature cold wallet / vault system.
The system is fully GDPR compliant.
Third party code verification and penetration testing.
Licensing and watermark mechanisms.

Risk Engine

Before orders are matched, the risk engine ensures that the user has enough funds available to trade. For margin trading, the risk engine performs calculations in real time to manage overall risk.


Buyer Fee: %0.35
Seller  Fee: %0.35


Listing department

(Coin add listings fee is 0.5 $BTC)

Plus an integrity check and min requirement of project


LBO , LTC, BTC (New changes are being added all the time. )

High Performance Trading
Developed in the Php programming languagethat provides advantages over Php,laravel, Java, C# and Ruby.
Source code is compiled to machine language and is extremely fast, capable of processing millions of transactions per second.


Web: https://www.labrotix.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/labrotix
Github: https://github.com/labrotix
Chain: https://chain.labrotix.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/yXxAGU7

[email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/labrotix

Github: https://github.com/labrotix

Discord: https://discord.gg/yXxAGU7
Whitepaper: https://www.labrotix.com/whitepaper

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