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What's up everyone? Frost here, an admin from PLAY GOC NETWORK.

If you haven't heard of us already, you'd be happy to learn about our crypto market & casino. You can start trading and start playing here at PLAY GOC NETWORK with little to no effort. I'd say the most important fact about the platform is the dedicated developer/admin team at your disposal 24/7. Should you ever have an issue with depositing and withdrawing, you will have someone available to aid your issues whenever you need.

Our online games require no personal information to play and our casino players are some of the friendliest I've ever met. In the online gambling space there are a wide range of cryptocurrency casinos to choose from. With PLAY GOC NETWORK you will be guaranteed safety, security, and a provably fair algorithm which is rivaled by few others and surpassed by none. We also have a whitepaper and updates section which are kept up to date regularly.

Currently, our casino players are looking forward to our development and integration of many new digital currencies. The primary digital currency, amongst others so many are looking forward to, is Bitcoin (BTC). The reasoning behind this is due to the volatility and mass usage of the asset. Soon, casino players will be able to create bitcoin wallets and play with bitcoin on our platform. Bitcoin gambling has been a widely used method in the online gambling space for the last few years. Being able to accept bitcoin on the platform will absolutely be a milestone for us. Other notables on the list for immediate addition and integration to the platform include EOS and ETH. Our developers are working around the clock to deliver this in a timely manner while also maintaining the integrity and security of the site. Having casino games with the capability for bitcoin transactions will be a game changer for the gaming, and the market.

Whether playing a slots game, blackjack, baccarat, dice, or testing your luck on our Texas Hold'em platform, gambling with crypto currency is our bread and butter. In the future we will possess a capability for sports betting, player progression, and other ways to realize gains with real money. With crypto currency as a whole, it is so much easier to gamble online without using a credit card and racking up their pesky fees.

On to the newest updates for PLAY GOC NETWORK. We've recently brought forth our rank progression on the Texas Hold'em platform and have enabled a new way for casino players to earn money back with their rake inputs. Over time a player's rake will add up and add to their level for increased rake-back rewards. This is a very important aspect of the poker platform because regulars to the platform will be rewarded for their dedication. Many forget there is also a referral bonus available as well. When combined, and average casino player can make some serious money on our poker platform. What other cryptocurrency casino out there allows for players to get so much back for their time?

Other recently updated aspects to the site include support for other languages including Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The site has also been available in Chinese for some time now. With this adaptation, the site is now opened up to many other demographics and regions with ease of access. If you (the reader, player, or investor) can name another cryptocurrency exchange & casino which is so dedicated to their player base please let me know.

For this next topic of focus, I genuinely don't see another cryptocurrency casino putting in half the effort we do. Let's talk social media. Currently, PLAY GOC NETWORK has created a social media presence on 10+ platforms. Our primary social media platforms which net the majority of our presence would be Twitter and YouTube. We host contests and giveaways on Twitter as well as spread our influence throughout. It is a hub for new ideas and allows our cryptocurrency casino to truly grow and spread its influence. As for YouTube, it takes every aspect of our online casino and breaks it down to a manner that even the newest of crypto currency users can understand. Tutorials, [url]Live Giveaways[/url], and Live Contests. They all are culminated into our YouTube channel and are enjoyed by the entirety of our wonderful player base.

If social media isn't really your thing and you'd like to see all current information in a one-stop-shop manner, you can join our telegram channel for the most current and up to date info. Telegram is our literal hub of information dissemination and is enjoyed by nearly all of our members. We have a primary community telegram channel for the masses to discuss ideas, talk about their awesome winnings, or simply just come to blow off steam at the end of a long day. We also have a debugging channel which is solely for members experiencing bugs on site. Developer support is conducted quickly and funds are always returned to members experiencing a bug. At PLAY GOC NETWORK we are truly a family and the regulars here at our crypto currency casino know that to be true. Why else would they come day in and day out to have normal conversations relating to their everyday lives?

That brings me to my next and final item to talk about. We are not just a cryptocurrency casino. We are a community, and so far in my experience this community acts like a family through thick and thin. There will be good days and bad days for all of us, and just like a real family we can depend on each other. Our community telegram if often filled with talk of prices and games, but what I'm particularly proud of is the genuine respect we have for one another and the positive vibe we bring forth day in and day out. It's one of the most beautiful parts of being in the crypto space. Often times there will be shady characters with malicious behavior, but so far in our development there hasn't been much of that at all. We truly have a growing family here at PLAY GOC NETWORK and if that's not beautiful then I don't know what is.

As always, PLAY within your limits PLAYers.

Frost out.




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