php website raffle

The project entails the development of a php website that can be used as a gambling site.
It is licensed and regulated by the gambling commission uk.

most of the graphic design work has been completed, including layout/ alough these are psd files.
the design is open to change, to what works best for the code. as long as the overall design is still retained

some information with be withheld until a none disclosure is signed. the business reserves the right to all information pertained within the project.

•Raffle system that can distribute up to 1,000,000 (one million) tickets.

•The tickets must be sold consecutively. And a numbering system that is easy for customers to understand.  

•a serial number that is generated at random is created wih each ticket.

•The site must be able to set the ticket limits per game and customers emailed a copy once they have checked out

•A part in the CMS where the ticket can be graphically customised,  images added added to the background.

•the home page is split into sections that can be edited in the CMS with new and updated content.

•Have a countdown to show how many tickets are left on all pages of each game

•A barometer indicating the number of tickets remaining for sale

•Allow multiple draws to run together

•Adhere to EU privacy standards 2020 in regards to user data GDPR

•Allow multiple users to create a account

•Allow admin access to manage site

•At the checkout the user must enter a multiple choice question  (this feature can be disabled)

•Integrate a card payment system also allowing the use of crypto currency so more than one checkout system maybe needed

•the design employs a active background that moves in the backdrop.

the design has been tailored to be mobile friendly, it would become the responsibility of the developer to make it work in the best way possible on a mobile platform.

we currently only have one product and will design the site around that one product but we may add more products in the near future.

further long term contract might be negotiated
Location: Worldwide

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