Pay ETH for One-time bounty task execution.

Bounty Manager: NickVasilich –

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Registrar domain, LLC
Domain reg 2003-03-04
Domain exp
Show forum topic
Vote for the project on the

Your vote will bring you $ 1 at ETH

How to apply the task:

1. Join the channel

2. Register at

3. Fill out the registration form or post a link to your producthunt account and ETH public address in this thread.

4. Wait for an announcement via the telegram channel. January 16, 2019, on Wednesday, I will send a search request to the telegram channel. You will need to find the project with search request on producthunt.

5. Go to and log in.

6. Using the search request find our product.

7. Click "upvote".

9. That's All

10. If desired, give feedback to the thread about this task)))


Created by Neekel

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