Partner-developer for crypto-exchange

Hi I am Mirsha Cruz, I am looking for a partner-developer that creates an exchange with certain characteristics. I have some contacts that move good amounts of bitcoin between Mexico, Colombia and Ecuator, they also have groups of a lot of people involve in the crypto-world. So the volume (users and btc inside the exchange will be my contribution for the exchange). I also will ask for the id of my partner-developer in order to get sure with who I am working with. Practically once the exchange will be working the people will be waiting for us to get in the exchange.

These are the characteristic that my group need in order to get their people to the exchange.

I wish to have the exchange on physical servers to offer much security to the users. And be able to have save the btc on physical wallets

The idea is that will be a box that displays the top traders in the exchange (the top traders are the ones that have more gains in their trades) users can copy the next trades of the top traders with the amount of money that their individually decide to do

The idea is that the normal trading fees will be 0.25%. However the people will have an option that can be voluntary activated where the trading fee reduce just to 0.2%, in that case the 0.1% will be the trading crypto and the other 0.1% will be in our token

The idea is that every 24 hours there will be an automatic count of the gains from the trading, the 50% of the gains will be directly to the exchange in cryptos, and the other 50% will be divided for the token holders (more tokens = more gains) in two:
-The 25% will be distributed between the token holders in cryptos using the next formule: 25% of the profits from trading at the cut of 24 hours/total number of tokens = gaining of each token in cryptos
-and the other 25% will be for mining trading, that means that this 25% of gains in cryptos will be automatically calculated in our token and then distributed to the token holders in order to get more tokens, using this formule: gaining of each token in cryptos / value of the token in BTC = fractions of tokens mined per token. That limited mining tokens will be in a specific wallet inside the exchange

Ability in peatio to send crypto user to user internally inside the exchange without fees

Here I have the whitepaper of the exchange, it is in spanish and now only Carlos and me Mirsha are the only members:
Location: Worldwide

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