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Panda bot is a great bot that will extend the capabilities of your server.
A tool for coin developers as well as for normal users gathering the community on their servers.

With panda bot you will be able to easily:
– transfer coins between users
– to make airdrop and other contests (rolldrop, reactdrop, phrasedrop, …)
– POS coins can be staking in a bot
– display information about coins supported by the bot
– show the current price of supported coins

The bot is free for use by all users. If you want to add your coin to it, please contact me and you will get a discount.

Bitcointalk ANN:
Bamboo Explorer:

Bamboo specs
Max supply: 21 000 000 (5% premined for launch)
Algo: Quark PoS/MN
locktime: 120 seconds
Collateral: 50 000

At the begining phase you can easy earn free boo coins.
To participate join discord server

referral bounty – get paid for introducing panda-bot to new project/coins #referral-instructions

activity airdrop – #🐼general is set up with sprinkle with 5 Bamboo each time, simply be active and talk about… well, anything appropriate!

airdrop games – airdrops will be run from time to time without any tagging in #bamboo-airdrops , stay active in #🐼general and you will see them!

interface review – look through the panda-bot command responses / website layout, let us know where there is a spelling mistake or something that doesnt make sense in channel #interface-review . reward will be tipped to you based on the quality of feedback

panda-bot trivia – one of the team members will post a panda-bot related screenshot/image and ask a certain question, first to provide the correct answer will be rewarded with a little prize! this will be played in #panda-bot-trivia blogs and stories – share with the community on your experience of using panda-bot. feel free to point out where we could improve and where we have done really well. please note we will only accept entires on well established blog platforms such as Medium. entries should be posted in #blogs-and-stories and will be reviewed by team and rewarded anywhere from 50 – 200 BOO based on the length and quality (max 3 per person).

crypto101 – we'd like to open up our community to those new to crypto, please share with us some of your favourite crypto guide/articles that really helped you when you started. it could be on wallet safety, blockchain basics or anything that is helpful! 20 Bamboo for each valid entry #crypto




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