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To produce new innovative drugs, the pharmaceutical industry employs hundreds of thousands of Data Science experts.
How do these experts spend their time?
80% at installing and configuring computers, software and libraries
Can Data Science results be reproduced easily?
NO! Most complex analysis workflows are impossible to reproduce
Palaamon is a platform that streamlines and speeds the process of analyzing complex datasets using cutting-edge containerization and distributed ledger technologies.
Palaamon’s technology finally solves the thorny problem of reproducibility, crucial for Pharmaceutical Research and Development.
Until now original research has been difficult to reproduce, and thus verify, because any variation in the original technical configuration can negatively affect reproducibility over time.
Palaamon enables full transparency, immutability, and reproducibility, no matter the user’s technical setup.

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Registrar domain Gandi SAS
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Palaamon is a high-performance computing environment that distributes data analysis workflows across a cluster of computers, for highly scalable, virtually immutable and fully replicable results.
Palaamon enables researchers to reproduce workflows of analysis using well-tagged module containers. It traces all events of an analysis and records them to a distributed ledger. Every worker container, the code it runs, and all its dependencies are stored in Palaamon’s registry to ensure ultimate reproducibility.
Palaamon is developed as a pure Reactive application using state-of-art technologies. Palaamon uses cryptographic hash functions at every level of processing to guarantee final traceability and reproducibility of workflows. Users of Palaamon are able to compare results of transforms based on similarity scores of Merkle trees. Palaamon provides a service to push results signatures to distributed ledgers.
Palaamon includes a marketplace that allows any developer, statistician, or data scientist to publish her code in any coding language to the platform and get rewarded in tokens when researchers license that algorithm. Coders and researchers mutually set the terms of use, which are then enshrined in smart contacts on the distributed ledger.
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