Our team provides marketing services for blockchain projects: DeFi, IEO, ICO, STO, exchanges, cloud mining  etc. Here is the full list of our services. We are constantly updating this list. 

ORM | Crowd Marketing

People are tired of aggressive marketing. And this is completely native advertising that performs the planned functions. These activities show to investors that the project is active and worth investing. We will develop campaigns based on your goals and targets. Spreadsheets with reports 24/7. Details:

At the moment, the most popular social networks that monitor the investor are Twitter and Telegram. Accordingly, we use the opportunities to make native advertising for the project and gently enter the trust of potential buyers.


There are two types of activities currently relevant for Twitter:

1. Creation of activity about the project on the pages of influencers. This is when we write on the pages of famous people in the crypto community.

We have about 30 old and indexed Twitter accounts at our disposal. Accordingly, shilling will be carried out in a variety of ways, as it happens in real cases when the project is being promoted by fans.

2. We make tweets on our pages using hashtags that are relevant for investors, for example: #DeFi #LiquidityMining #NFT #Bitcoin #Ethereum and others. Since our pages are indexed, there is a high probability that our tweets will go to the top for the specified hashtags.

We have about 30 old and indexed Twitter accounts at our disposal. Accordingly, your project will appear at the top from different accounts and this will attract potential investors.


For Telegram, at the moment there is one effective option for promotion.

We communicate in chats, where investors discuss projects that are interesting for investment. And in a native way, we lead to the fact that your project is interesting and worthy of investment. Using about 40 different accounts, we make the dialogues relevant and varied. An example of such chats: https://t.me/gemcollectors, https://t.me/BitSquad, https://t.me/TheGemHuntersTG, https://t.me/uniswaplegit and others. 

1.1500 posts$500/month 
1.21500 posts$1300/month
1.33000 posts$2400/ month

Airdrop Telegram Bot

Tokens distribution for simple and effective actions: registration on a website, joining telegram, twitter, facebook, repost, post, share. The fastest and cheapest ways to build community and contact the target audience. 

We provide turnkey solutions: rules creation, telegram bot creation, campaign management, users support, marketing(telegram+email mailing, posting, placement on Airdrop listings). At the end we do verification of the participants and provide a participant list for you.

Airdrop Campaign always follows a clear algorithm and consists of the following stages:

1. Development of conditions and rules. At this step we need answers to the following points:  

1.1 Link to the website, social networks, smart contract, token price.

1.2 What tasks do you want to give to participants? We recommend: join telegram channel and groups, follow facebook, twitter – like, retweet the pinned post with hashtags.

1.3 What will be airdrop reward for all tasks? We recommend 5-20$ in tokens per one participant.

1.4 What will be rewards per one referral? We recommend about 1/5 from the main reward.

1.5 When Airdrop rewards will be distributed. We recommend 1 week – 3 months.

1.6 Where users will receive your tokens? It can be eth wallet, personal cabinet, etc.

Then we will create conditions and rules for the Airdrop. And make the technical specifications for the developer.

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!!! After you will get Airdrop bot, you must make him an admin in Telegram group and Channel.

2. Development part. Airdrop bot functionality:

1. Ability to create multiple tasks.

2. Checking entries in telegram chat / channel.

3. Captcha and collection of IP addresses for filtering farmers/bots.

4. Referral program.

5. Uploading results into the EXCEL file.

6. Development up to 48 hours, from the moment of receiving answers from point 1.

3. Marketing actions.

At this stage we will promote the Airdrop campaign. Usually we can gain 10 000 participants for 30 days. But it can be faster, up to 10 days. Our actions:

3.1. Promotion Airdrop on forums and social networks.

3.2. Mailings: email, telegram, PM on bitcointalk.

3.3. We publish the announcement on the crypto community Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram.

3.4. Creating threads on BitcoinTalk, AltcoinTalks, Bitcoin Garden.

3.5. Promoting Airdrop using the service of crypto bloggers.

4. Verification of participants.

At the end of Airdrop, we will check all participants for multi-accounts and compliance with the rules. After that we will provide you users list for reward distribution.

Example of Airdrop tasks:

👋👋Welcome to Project Airdrop!

🔴Airdrop tasks:

1️⃣  Join Community Group and Channel.

2️⃣  Follow Facebook.

3️⃣  Follow Twitter, like and retweet the pinned post with hashtags #cryptocurrencies #Bitcoin #DEFI #HODL and tag 3 friends.

4️⃣  Add your ERC-20 wallet

🦄 UNISWAP listed!


🎁 Round 2 token number: 100,000 Tokens

🎁 Task reward: 20 Tokens

🔥For each referral you will get 5 Tokens (Max 100 referrals)💵

Example of Airdrop bots

MBI DeFi*, Bitoftrade*, Interfinex*,  CryptoWars*

*these Airdrops ended, bots can be disabled.

https://prnt.sc/veb77e , https://prnt.sc/veb7ez , https://prnt.sc/veb7tc , https://prnt.sc/veb80j

Airdrop Telegram bot
2.110 000 participants$2000/month 
2.220 000 participants$3500/month

Community development

We will provide timely support to the questions and complaints raised in the community. Conducting various promotion and marketing driven engagements activities, like AMA, contests, etc(on request)

Contribute in idealing and implementing Community building strategy together with other team members. Our managers will motivate people, solve tons of issues, and become the best friends for the community! 

Moderation and support

● build authentic relationships among external audiences;

● communicate with participants – answer questions and operate with the feedback;

● post announcements from official channel;

● create/update pinned messages and FAQ;

● fight spammers and scammers in the groups.

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Content creation

● development by brand book and guideline

● media plan development according to the marketing plan;

● creatives creation;

● approval with CMO.

https://t.me/indacoin_limited, https://t.me/EpicCashRussian, https://t.me/bczoo — telegram support and moderation

https://praem.capital/, https://crowdsale.network/, https://cgen.network/, https://nayutacoin.info/

  — content development and support.

https://t.me/CoinsPaid_Chat, https://t.me/torexofficial — telegram, facebook, twitter support and moderation.

Community Development
3.18 hours per day, 7 days per week  moderation, activity, announcing$600/month 
3.216 hours per day, 7 days per week moderation, activity, announcing$1000/month
3.324 hours per day, 7 days per week moderation, activity, announcing$1500/ month
3.4Reddit, Bitcointalk, Quora and Discord 16 hours per day, 7 days per week moderation and support, activity, announcing $1000/ month
3.5Creation media plan and content for social networks 20 posts per month(4-5 posts per week): text + picture + auto poster$500/month

Bounty campaign

Powerful tool for building an active community and creating HYPE. Bounty hunters work for tokens. You can give them any task: promotion in social networks: posts, reposts, comments, likes; referral program; video and article creation, bitcointalk promotion, document translation, etc.  Give the tasks to the community and pay with your tokens. Bounty campaign management is the most routine job during the whole process: fulfill numerous tables and forms, communicate with thousands participants about issues and specialities, argue for each token. And, of course, until you reach SoftCap – token is just a promise, only team bounty hunters believe in it. 

Bounty Campaign follows a clear algorithm and consists of the following stages:

1. Development of conditions and rules. 

At this step we need answers to the following points:  

1.1. When you would like to start? 

1.2. What tasks do you want to give to participants? We recommend: video creation, article creation, twitter activities, telegram activities, facebook activities, reddit activities.

1.3. How many tokens can you allocate for the bounty campaign? We recommend 0.5-5% from total emission. Usually 30 000$ -100 000$ in tokens per 1 months campaign. Here is a simple rule: more allocation – more participants, better results. Usually we attract 400-1300 participants.

1.4. Will rewards for Bounty be credited to the participants ETH wallets? 

1.5. When Bounty rewards distribution? We recommend 1-3 months after IEO ends.

1.6 Link to the website, link to smart contract, token price.

1.7 What topics for article and video creation we need to use?

1.8 What #hashtags you prefer?

1.9 Can you make a minimum 3 posts a week on social networks? 

After receiving answers, we will create a personal strategy, Example . Then we will agree on a strategy with you.

2. Development part.

After agreeing on the strategy, we are engaged in the development of 24-48 hours. We will create:

2.1. Forms and spreadsheets development.

2.3. HTML layout development and its publication on bitcointalk.org.

2.4. Support account creation and Copper memberships rank purchasing.

2.5. Bounty Telegram chat creation.

2.6. Announcement and FAQ development in bounty chat.

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After that we will create a Bounty Campaign Announcement thread on bitcointalk.org. Best of all to create a topic several days before the Bounty Campaign launch. Participants will study rules and they will be ready to start on date.

3. Marketing actions.

After Bounty Campaign Announcement thread publication, we will make marketing actions to attract participants:

3.1. Publication announcement in:

– our chat with loyal bounty participants;

– 3 crypto forums;

– closed telegram communities;

– telegram, facebook, reddit and twitter bounty communities.

3.2. Email mailing to the loyal participants.

3.3. Mailing to the loyal participants in pm on the bitcointalk.org.

3.4. Creation alternative threads on bitcoingarden.org and altcoinstalks.com.

4. Managing.

After the launch of the bounty campaign, we will support participants in the Telegram bounty chat, on forum. We will solve their questions regarding the bounty campaign and redirect to the official chat on IEO questions.

We will check Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Video and Article, campaigns tasks every day. We will make verification on plagiarism and quality.

Throughout the all Bounty Campaign, we will coordinate the actions of the participants, direct them in the right direction to achieve the maximum result.

After the end of the bounty campaign, we will give members 2 weeks to check their rewards. Some people may have issues and we will solve it. After that, we will provide you spreadsheets with participants for reward distribution.


1. Usual bounty.

Good to start. Fast and small campaign. Suitable for smooth and stable growth of social activity. Includes content creation, translations and tasks for social activity. Good for increasing activity, also can include tasks for translators. We can provide this campaign for 2+ months. Example: Saturn Black 4,5; 888 Tron

2.  Daily tasks bounty.

Complex strategy with daily stakes. We use tasks for social activity with daily rewards. Such approach allows instantly raise HYIP around the project. Our bounty community loves such bounties!  Example: EmirexSwapZilla, IQ.cash.

3. Bitcointalk BTC signature campaign.

We are developing a signature that the top forum participants Legendary and Hero Member ranks will wear. They will write comments in active places, thereby promoting your project. Projects that launch such campaigns cause maximum confidence among their investors. Prices depend on the active participants. We pay participants in BTC, so they make the best work.

Signature example – https://prnt.sc/vemkde 

Signature campaign example – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5286333.0 


IQ.cash Round 1— 1450+ participants; content: 264 videos, 524 articles; bitcointalk promotion: 343 participants, 3176 posts; social networks: 36875 posts and reposts, 16100 comments; in search results for keywords IQ.cash on 1…10+ pages; 490 pages on bounty thread; bounty thread link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5240221 

Emirex Round 1,2 — 1250+ participants; content: 264 videos, 764 articles; bitcointalk promotion: 408 participants, 3264 posts; social networks: 79875+ posts and reposts, 33200 comments; in search results for keywords Emirex on 1…10+ pages; 650+ pages on bounty thread; 10 000+ referral registrations; bounty thread link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5204784 

SwapZilla Rounds 1,2,3 — 1 Round: 826 participants, content: 64 videos, 434 articles; social networks: 25726+ posts and reposts, 12510 comments; in search results for keywords SwapZilla on 1…10 pages; 315 pages on bitcointalk; 1 Round bounty thread link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5190107 , 2,3 Rounds still ongoing; bounty thread link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5198523 

Quantum — 599 real participants; content: 50 videos, 364 articles; bitcointalk thread: 226 posts; social networks: 34850+ posts and reposts, 17100 comments; in search results for keywords Quantum on 1-10 pages; 11 000+ referral registrations; bounty thread link:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5215204.

Bounty Campaign
4.1Weekly tasks bounty$2400 per month
4.2Daily tasks bounty$2900 per month
4.3Bitcointalk BTC signature campaignstarts from $6000 per month

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