Open Letter to All Airdrop & Bounty Projects

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As stated in the thread's subject, here it goes:

1. Be clear about your time frame.
Please state your campaign time frame period, tell us the start and end date.
If there's a possibility of extending campaign period, say it in the beginning, don't say it when the campaign period is about to finish.

2. Announce everything since the beginning.
Rules, conditions, etc. Make sure no hidden rules that will suddenly come up in the middle, or worse at the end, of campaign period.
E.g. how are you gonna distribute your coin/token.
If you're gonna distribute it through an exchange and we required to have an account on that exchange, say it at the start of the campaign, don't tell us after the campaign period is over.

3. Be punctual.
You expect us to report on time, why can't you distribute the payment on time as well?

4. Ditch that KYC/AML procedure.
Seriously? You expect us to give our private information for some pennies?
How are we gonna do money laundering with that small amount?


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