Open Letter for Cryptosoul's Development Team

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Hi cryptosoul's dev team (generally) / Sergey Zasorin (especially)

Let me introduce little bit about me.

I am one of supporter for Cryptosoul from Indonesia.

As we know, your project have many telegram group based on country, indonesia is one of them.
official telegram group
telegram group for Indonesian

I am really appreciate when you create group for Indonesians. As we know, Indonesia have 34 provinces and from each province use different regional languange.

Based on published information from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS-Statistics Indonesia) – 2012, Indonesia have almost 2,500 regional languages.
source : see page 6

And Indonesian Language as national language.

And for me, Indonesia group is to help Indonesian who cant speak english well (like me). Sometimes, in few of other Indonesia group (other projects) there are members speak with regional languages.

At 29 May 2019, I was really shock when I saw Cryptosoul Official-IDN group has new admin, when seen at glance his profile picture he is not Indonesian.
screenshot my message about new admin

At that time, some of us tried to make poll in the group to protest to dev team about foreigner become Indonesian group admin. But this new admin make a big mistake with deleted it.

And after 6 hours, cryptosoul's dev team deleted him and all of his message from the group and find new admin from Indonesian.

But unfortunately, I have to create an open letter in this forum because I am not heard any apologized from dev team especially Sergey Zasorin as founder about this mistake.

They think this case will forget as hiring new admin from Indonesia.

With this letter, I want to hear an apologized in their telegram channel and forward it to 4 of their groups (dont worry, I have much time to check all group).

This is a lesson to respect members of another country and this mistake doesnt occur again in either Indonesian group or other countries group.

should i give deadline when cryptosoul's dev team/Sergey Zasorin have to announce in their channel?


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