Omnite Testnet App ONFT

  • Start: 26.04.22
  • Deadline: n/a
  • Rewards: n/a

Omnite allows you to convert any NFT token to the ONFT standard, in other words, it allows you to transfer NFTs from one network to another. A project built on LayerZero. A testnet has been announced. About the awards so far all is quiet, but all projects from LayerZero need to do, because often about all the saddled beforehand snapshots we learn when it is too late. There’s no official guide, so we’ll be pushing all the buttons and trying all the available options.

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Faucets: Paradigm MultifaucetMatic Mumbai, RinkebyAvaxBinance BNBTMultichain Faucet


  1. ONFT collection creation

2. ONFT Minting

3. Bridge of all ONFT/NFT (native — created with our platform/non-native)

How to start:

  1. Make sure that Metamask browser extension is installed —
  2. Switch to one of supported testnet networks
  3. Get native token from faucets for supported networks (to cover transaction fees)

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Go to the testnet

Testnet URL —
Located on the main page in the upper right corner bind your wallet Metamask.

Of course, we have already received test tokens in all networks, and now in one go we will be able to fully test the functionality. We will need to:
1. Transfer our NFTs from one network to another via a bridge
2. Test all available networks
3. Create a collection in the Collection tab
Once we have our test NFTs, we can proceed to the bridge:

On the main page, choose any NFT, click on it, then choose a network (I took each in turn, so easier). At the end, click Transfer.

Confirm in Metamask:

After a successful transaction, we will update the page and see that our NFT has started to migrate from one network to another and we just have to wait for the notification of a successful transaction. At that time, you can choose your other jpeg and do the same only in another network or wait until the process is finished with this one and race it to different networks, as you like.

We play with the nets until we run our pictures through all possible options.

Creating a Collection

Go to Colletions, click on Create Collection

Here we choose any picture we want to upload, come up with a description, choose the number of copies in each network.
Important! In the wallet, you need to select a network in which you will pay fees. Matic I had a little, I minted in BSC.

Confirm by clicking on the Deploy button. And we don’t forget about the fees, either.
We made a collection, now it is desirable to fill it with something. We click on it, and then we mint the token:

Fill in all the fields, come up with a description. In the collection, create an NFT from each network. We press Next and confirm in the wallet.

After confirmation, go back to our collection and wait for our NFT to show up. Do the same with each network.

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