Nominex ICO

Nominex is a cryptocurrency exchange with an already developed and functioning infrastructure. Nominex is a highly functional platform that offers a huge variety of services and features such as:
DEMO trading
Demo trading is a trading simulator that allows Nominex users to practice trading without any risks. Nominex Demo mode is an exact copy of the exchange that’s available for anyone to use whether you want to test a strategy or learn how to efficiently use advanced orders.
Advanced trading tools
Nominex features advanced orders that allow traders to semi-automate the trading process and maximise the profit. Stop order, Stop Limit order, Trailing Stop order, Trailing Stop Future order, Scaled order are available for use.
Daily Trading tournaments
Nominex has prepared real prizes for traders! Every trader starts with 10,000 USDT on their DEMO account and gets a chance to win. Trading profit is calculated in order to decide 5 best traders every day.
Unique affiliate program
Build your own full-scope business with Nominex binary affiliate program. Receive 4 types of rewards from an UNLIMITED number of referral levels.
First-of-a-kind token distribution model
Nominex distributes its native NMX token in multiple ways: 100% trading fee cashback in NMX (first phase – first 60 days), affiliate program integration, distribution based on daily trading volume (second phase – next 305 days) and more!
Entertrading concept
As well as introducing new gen features, Nominex has developed a whole new concept called “Entertrading”. It’s a concept of enjoyable trading that becomes a uniting lifestyle for every trader in the world.
Token * Platform USDT * Ethereum
Token price 0.4000 USD
Registrar domain  
Domain reg * exp 2020-01-20 * 2021-01-20
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Nominex exchange has been developed for more than 2 years, adapting to the market changes and learning from the mistakes of potential competitors. At the moment of the development, the main goal was to create a new-gen exchange, which is: compatible with any kind of system load, fully secure, user-friendly and has a remarkable amount of unique features.
Nominex was introduced in september 2019 and immediately got attention from traders. With the progression of exchange development and Nominex brand creation, it was decided to use the best practices from a giant and still rapidly growing game development industry:
Perfect the product to comply with users needs; Always listen, communicate and give feedback; Be open about the product and future plans; Always deliver on official promises;
Be friendly and entertaining when possible.That’s how a new concept called “Entertrading” was born. The combination “Entertainment” and “Trading” has two meanings. The first one stands for the literal combination and is bound to make the trading process more enjoyable and catchy. The second one means the following – “Enter trading”, as Nominex welcomes new traders, encourages them and what’s most important – educates.With an already existing product and further development, Nominex aims to prepare the whole cryptocurrency market for the mass adoption and evolve trading to be enjoyable and comprehensive for everyone.
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