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Nexalt proposes the first-ever cryptocurrency coin based on MLC. MLC is an acronym for Multi-Level-Coin. MLC is an Idea that integrates the concept of Multi-Level-Marketing in a decentralized manner.
Nexalt works just like other cryptocurrencies whereby users on the platform need their private keys to log into their wallets and public keys to send coins between themselves.
Nexalt has a unique feature which portrays the concept of MLC; In regard to this, Nexalt ensures that anyone who wants to use the Platform to send coins must have a sponsor or an upline. Any user on the platform automatically becomes a sponsor and can refer other users to the platform using their referral links. There is no maximum number of users a sponsor can have. On the platform, a sponsor can earn rewards when users mine new coins. Nexalt coins are generated through mining and miners are automatically the owners of the mined coins. This means that as many users you sponsor on the platform as many rewards you can earn, and bonuses and rewards are distributed through multiple levels. It is the first cryptocurrency that allows users to generate income for marketing it.
Nexalt is a fork of Litecoin. Nexalt uses MLC in Litecoin as a tool to make the crypto asset more valuable and marketable for the crypto community. Total supply of 100800000 XLT Coins, no more than that will exist.
Our Mission:
To develop a connection between the international crypto market and the consumers having fewer familiarities with crypto market infrastructure and those who find it difficult to use cryptocurrency in their jurisdiction. We accomplish this goal by merging mass marketing with cryptocurrency in a decentralized atmosphere and incentivized our workforce with XLT Coins.
Our Vision:
To create a decentralized atmosphere where tech experts and common people can operate cryptocurrency with equal opportunities. The miners and marketers both can earn incentives in the form of cryptocurrency. A global network for crypto lovers having equal opportunities for all
The AARP Foundation's study found that 44% of participants dropped out after less than one year working with an MLM. Taylor's research shows similar numbers and goes into a little more depth on dropout rates: (
�   A minimum of 50% of MLM representatives drops out in the first year.
�   A minimum of 90% of representatives leaves within five years.
�   By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out�which means at least 95% of representatives have dropped out.
In the more recent AARP Foundation study, 66% of the MLM participants invested less than $1,000 for inventory, training, and materials while they were with an MLM organization, 24% spent between $1,000 and $4,999, and 11% paid $5,000 or more, while 23% did not remember how much they invested. Only four people reported spending more than $50,000.
The AARP Foundation found that only about 25% of those surveyed made a profit with MLM, 27% broke even, and about half of them lost money. Of the quarter that made a profit:
�   14% made less than $5,000
�   6% made between $5,000 and $9,999
�   3% made between $10,000 and $24,999
�   3% made $25,000 or more
�   .05% made $100,000 or more
There is no business that is immune to problems that need outright solutions. The business of MLM is not excluded, thereby the under-listed problems have been seen in the MLM industry, which Nexalt has tackled using the concept of MLC.
�   Limited Profit Potential for non-early birds: Non-early birds face limited profit potential in the MLM community. This is as a result of more profits and discounts being allocated to early birds. Also, many MLM programs tend to be already packing up with the rate of MLM scam projects coming up of late, thereby making the non-early birds become the prey and being used for their Exit scam.
�   Product Peddling: The majority if not all MLM project force their users into selling products before they are really able to move up in levels. This is a challenge for users on the community who have little or no marketing power to sell products, thereby thwarting their earning potentials.
�   The continual need to recruit other: There is a continual need to recruit other people in MLM projects. It is a very huge challenge faced in the industry which thwarts the earning potential of users who are unable to recruit newbies.
�   Cumbersome Mass marketing plans: Mass marketing plans are very expensive which is used only by large and well-established companies, therefore not recommended for small or medium-sized companies. Even when used by these small companies, the ROI (Return on Investment) tends to be very low, so it has discouraged them from using this form of marketing.
�   Transparency issues: Reputation in the MLM industry is at stake due to the lack of transparency encountered in the industry, and as a result, many users have suffered fraud. Nexalt looks to solve this problem by providing a transparent marketing and income plans for users.
Nexalt has examined the above-listed problems in the MLM industry and is out to offer solutions to these problems with the help of the concept of MLC using Blockchain technologies.

�   Maximized profit potentials for all users: Nexalt has developed a maximized profit potential for users using the MLC concept. Users have the potential to earn as sponsors using the multilevel marketing or mining of XLT coins using their computer powers. Mining fees and mined coins are distributed to users according to their sponsor trees.
�   No product is being sold: No products are being sold in the Nexalt Ecosystem. Unlike the MLM ecosystem where people work for the company for penny profits by selling products, Nexalt offers the users in the Ecosystem the opportunity to work for themselves. The more work you input, the higher you earn.
�   No Mandate to recruit new members: There is no mandate to recruit new members on the ecosystem due to the multiple earning opportunities provided by the Nexalt ecosystem. For users who are not able to recruit users, they can earn through the mining of coins using their computer power. The only mandate on the ecosystem is having a sponsor. Every user must have a sponsor to use the platform.
�   Inexpensive mass Marketing plans: Nexalt has seen the challenges faced by small businesses in using mass marketing plans because of how expensive it is, therefore, we have mapped out a better plan to target these small businesses which can be seen on our websites.
�   Blockchain Transparency: One of the reasons for the praise of blockchain technology is because of its transparency feature. Every transaction on the Nexalt ecosystem is transparent and can be seen by anyone. With this, we aim to solve the transparency issues of MLM using the idea of MLC.
The concept of MLM has gained recognition over the years and also engaged users from different parts of the world but Nexalt is proposing the first Phase of MLC. In this section, we shall outline the differences and similarities between MLM and MLC.
Both Platforms have multiple levels of referral systems.
�   While in MLM, Users work for the company by selling products, Users work for themselves in MLC through Mining and Sponsor.
�   In MLM, Only early birds have a greater potenti
al of earning more while MLC provides maximized earning for everyone, both early birds and night owls.
�   Unsold products in MLM are given back to the MLM company while coins mined and earned in MLC can be sold on exchanges.
How Nexalt Ecosystem Works
Nexalt ecosystem was built to work in very easy steps.
1. Get a sponsor key: one major requirement to be on the Nexalt ecosystem is to have a sponsor. Everyone must have a sponsor before they can use Nexalt ecosystem for mining, referral or having Nexalt Wallet.
2. Join the Network: After you have gotten your sponsor key, you can proceed to join the network. Complete it by filling in a few information about yourself after which you can be allowed to use the ecosystem and have your own Nexalt wallet.
3. Start Mining/Build Network:  Users who got their sponsor key and joined the network have two options to choose from or do both. Users who have enough computing power can start mining XLT Coins otherwise, they can start building their network with their referral links so as to earn from several levels below them.
Nexalt will target marketing companies in other to embed our decentralized and secured mass marketing and referral solutions for payment and transactional purposes. This will ensure the security and transparency of transactions on the network.
Our target is also on platforms and e-commerce stores that accept electronic payments on using our Open source POS with XLT payment gateway.
Our Business plan also includes Mass Marketing on Blockchain using XLT web solutions, thereby making it easier for anyone to launch their mass marketing campaign with low investments.
Acceptance of XLT on Ecommerce stores (Open source POS with XLT Payment Gateway)

Products are one of the basic things investors seek to know before buying into or investing in a crypto project. Nexalt Ecosystem presents the following products.
MLC: Nexalt Ecosystem is proud to be the first in the cryptosphere to initiate the idea of MLC, a concept which decentralizes MLM. MLC allows users on the platform to earn coins by sponsoring other users to join the ecosystem. Every existing user of NEXALT can become the sponsor for new users and maintain their network.
Exchange: Nexalt has its own crypto exchange, Thewallets, where users can exchange their mined and earned coins for other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, DOGE coins at the moment. We look forward to integrating other coins and tokens in the future. Already, we have gained acceptance from many clients around the globe. TheWallets provides an efficient crypto trading platform for ambitious traders.
XLT Wallets: Nexalt Wallets allows users to store their XLT coins securely using their private keys. Users can send and receive XLT coins using their wallet public keys. At the moment, the wallets are available for MAC and Windows Operating system. More Operating systems will be supported in the nearest future.
Secured: Nexalt is built as a fork of one of the most secured blockchain scrypt, Litecoin. Litecoin has been in operation since 201 and has proven its stability with 99.9% Uptime while transacting billions of dollars daily.
Decentralized Finance: To ensure the system is trusted and people earn, every new user in the ecosystem is required to have a sponsor. Every user on Nexalt ecosystem is a sponsor automatically after they join the system and can begin referring other users without any hassles or further requirements.
Low-cost Fees: Nexalt offers a very low transaction fee for users� transactions. Users can make borderless transactions and payments from anywhere, anytime.
Exchangeable: Nexalt coins can be exchanged on crypto exchanges for other cryptocurrencies and fiat. We also offer our own internal exchange where users can swap or exchange Nexalt for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
Currently, miners of XLT are being rewarded 60 XLT with an approx. average of 2.5minutes per block. There will be Halving of Nexalt coins after 840,000 Blocks.
A total of 10,080,000 XLT Coins were pre-mined which is 10% of the total supply.
Coin Name: Nexalt
Coin Symbol: XLT
Total Nexalt: 100800000
Mining Reward: 60XLT/Block
Block Time: 2 minutes and 30 seconds approx..
Halving time: 840,000 Blocks
Levels   Percentage    Rewards
10th level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
9th level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
8th level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
7th level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
6th level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
5th level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
4th level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
3rd level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
2nd level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
1st level   3.334%   2.0004 XLT
Mining Node   66.66%   39.99 XLT

If Mining on 12th node, 1st level will not receive a commission.



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