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With the current scenario of the falling stock market, there is a promising moment to protect the financial assets through the investment in crypto-coins.

 Several factors point out that the technology of cryptos and blockchain are the future, and that the price is nothing more than a detail, because in the long run the valuation of digital assets is certain and irrefutable.

The refinement and facilitation of this technology, as well as the regulation so required by financial organizations, will bring the Cryptomannan market closer to ordinary people.

The growth of the decentralized Exchanges as well as the increase of interest in applications created within the blockchains are another indication that this market is far from knowing its end.

The approval of ETFs and the increased interest of the largest financial institutions are another important factor to be pointed out.

Therefore, the current scenario presents itself as an excellent point of entry for those who do not yet know this market.

We at New Solution have detected that medium- and long-term investment has proven to be the best strategy for anyone who wants real capital multiplication; as opposed to short-term and very short-term applications such as Day Trade, demonstrating that the volatility of this market is a fatal trap, especially for beginners and uninformed.

That is why we developed the Newsolution project with the proposal to multiply the capital invested with HOLD in the medium and long term, looking at the potential of valuation of the main crypto-coins such as Bitcoin, ETH and LTC.

Several analyzes of Bitcoin and the main cryptomoedas point out that the valuation of these digital assets is far from reaching its highest level. Many of the well-known cryptoactive experts say that Bitcoin may be worth more than $ 1 million, as is John Macfee and Tom Lee.

There are also those who affirm that such statements are nothi


Coin Name: New Solution
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Reserved in Wallet: 10.000,000
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Symbol- NST
Decimals- 18
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