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We are LIVE!!! on

________ is the New Way to Money. Nobody likes having to pay
for having money. Nobody likes paying ridiculous fees for sending
money. Nobody wants their information stolen and sold to people.
Nobody likes having to wait on their money to be approved.
With ______   all of these problems will be minimized.  ________ will not discriminate on race, gender, nationality, creed nor preference. Welcome to a New Way to
Money my friends. Welcome to a New You. Welcome to Money Wire.


Token Type- Ark Based
Block Time- Around 8 seconds
Is Paused- False
Mintable- False
Pausable- True
Genesis Timestamp- 2020-01-10T14:32:48.000Z
Token Symbol- WIRE
Token Name- Money Wire
Decimal Places- 8
Genesis Quantity- 10,000,000,000.00,000,000 WIRE


A total of 10 Billion Money Wire coins/tokens will ever be created,
with the Mintable function disabled.
The Pausable function is enabled to deter any attacks from being
prolonged on the network and to also limit the threat of any unwanted
entities taking advantage of the network. I.E. Hacks so on and so
The 10 Billion coins have all been �premined� or �minted� under one
address and will remain as such until disbursements have been
Of the 10 Billion coins 5 Billion will stay in a sort of �fund� for
future endeavours, investments, buy outs and things of that nature.
As for the other 5 Billion they will be sold and dispersed
accordingly to clients that want to take part in investing.
The 5 Billion token/coins that will be in the �trust fund� will be
locked up until 2025 or later .
In this way it will hopefully build stability into the price of the
currency and also bring value to the project itself.
The investors that take part will also take part in the
voting/decision making aspect of this venture for any associated
decision making.
As you may have already guessed mining has been disabled and will be
so indefinitely for this coin but we may enable a special program for
miners in the future.
This will hopefully be a profitable venture so all airdrops will be
completely disabled until further notice as well.
I thought about this structure and none the less I decided upon
disabling airdrops so that in this way it may build more value into
the currency itself and give the investor a sense of more ownership.
As the old idea goes, the car that is worked for may hold more value
to a person than the one just given to them for free.
The initial rate of investment will be 10,000 coins/tokens for 10 usd
which will be the minimum amount for investment so most people may be
able to take part in. This rate will equal out to be around .001 per
Foreign currencies will be able to be given a special rate given their
country�s current financial state so on and so forth.
The currency has been issued 8 decimals so it may offer the consumer
more fungibility, more accurate amounts being sent abroad and keeping
fees to a minimum.
Hopefully in the future mobile wallets will also be enabled, for
easier point of sale transactions and also sending money abroad.
After the initial investment period and also during, the project will
be looking for future partnerships and things of that nature.
Given the state of the investors and the perceived way they may want
the project to head in, we will initiate a voting which not exclude
non investors but will emphasize the importance and weight of actual
investors.  This way everyone may get a chance to voice their opinion.
There will be more details added soon so please stay tuned. Thanks
Again my friends. Details are also subject to change and please do
your due diligence before making any investments.


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