Morph.Finance DeFi Project

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Website –

Contract – 0x970b596EA3cb9864397f799902f0a579cDc3377B

-What is Morph Finance?
Morph Coin (MORC) is an experimental algo stablecoin that balances inflationary growth with DeFi product-derived value. Trackers (MORT) are used to strengthen the ecosystem.

-Earn in the Farms or the Reoptimizer
Earn MORT by providing DAI (◈) liquidity in the no-lock Farms. Be on the lookout for which farm has better yields. You can also earn MORC by staking MORT in the Reoptimizer.

-Swap Your Liquidity for Better Yields
Unstake any supported external liquidity pool tokens and then change them into MORC or MORT farm-ready tokens with a single transaction in the Zapper — for half the gas.

-Inflation & Deflation is Calibrated
10% new MORC is minted every 8 hours when it's > ◈ 1 and drip rewarded in the Reoptimizer. When < ◈ 1, a sell tax is applied with a portion burned and the rest going to the Reoptimizer.

-Utility Facilitates Stability
Upcoming DeFi products (e.g., DEX, insurance, lending, etc.) are built on top of Morph Finance to provide MORC with a utility case, thereby counteracting the algorithmic inflation.

250,610 Max Supply
MORC currently 350% APY
MORT currently over 1000% APY
Listed on Uniswap

Recent CoinTelegraph article below.

Soon to be relisted on CG and CMC


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