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Money Party (PARTY for short) is a token that has been created to facilitate the cost of entry into the private Money Party group.  This helps to weed out scammers and bots trying to take advantage of people within the group. Secondly, having a barrier of entry makes people think before they join and generally entices people to be active.  At time of writing there are currently 247 members in the Money Party private group.  We are building a group of traders, developers and analysts where everyone will have the opportunity to learn and make smarter choices with their hard earned money.  I believe in this group and will be in it for the long haul.

It costs 250,000 PARTY tokens to get into the private telegram group. Tokens can be purchased at either UniSwap or Eterbase.  Current price of membership is 0.28 ether.

Once you are part of the team you will be a part of;

1.   AMA�s
2.   Tips on new launches
3.   Projects that are a good investment for the long haul.
4.   Pre-sale opportunities
5.   Day trades when the market is bullish/bearish
6.   Finding out if what you are about to invest in is good to go or total garbage.

Most importantly and one of the biggest reasons I am in this group, is to get to know those that have proven themselves in the industry and to learn from them. I have had some hard lessons in crypto over the years and I currently believe that Money Party will change that with the knowledge and information that will be provided to me. I have already used this information to my advantage, and know for a fact that if i was still on my own i would have missed out on some opportunities.

As membership grows, so will the cost of membership. For those that leave the group, they are free to sell their holdings whenever they like. Nothing is locked anywhere, I keep everything in my wallet just like you will keep everything in yours. For the record though, I have already made well over the cost of entry from suggestions within the group.

Please note that anyone who joins the group and links scams or becomes problematic will be banned. That person will still be able to sell their PARTY tokens on an exchange but they will not be welcome back.

If you fail to hold a minimum of 250,000 PARTY tokens in your wallet you will be kicked from the group automatically by the bouncer (bot). Metamask is the only way to interact with the bot and be eligible to join the group.

How to join;

1.   Purchase a minimum of 250,000 PARTY tokens on either Uniswap or Eterbase. Address below for Uniswap.
2.   Join Money Party 250k club on Telegram

coingecko info:

Please respond here or message me if you have any questions and i will try to respond as fast as i can.  




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