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So, I started working with a project called Exscudo. They are developing a very interesting app.  Thought I will share the recent article about the application here. These guys are legit, not a scam or anything, though still some ways to go in terms of development, yet a lot of basic and even advanced functions are already there. So, if you find it interesting, maybe give the app a shot.

So, here is the article by the CEO:

Channels � A Tool For Life

Modern life can not be imagined without a smartphone, which does not solely fulfill the role of a telephone, but has become an integral part of our existence, a kind of universal communication tool. The best way to understand why we need a smartphone is to stop using it – it will be immediately apparent where we experience the maximum discomfort.
Would you miss your smartphone, if you couldn�t use it?

You won�t be able to take a picture (think how many really important photos you have taken? Not talking about those �oh look what a cute little puppy�), and how often do you feel the need to?
You won�t be able to share a photo that you just took in instagram or another social network. But is it really necessary? To see yet another look or selfie with a car\castle\something epic in the background.
You won�t be able to find out what's new in the lives of your friends those to whom you subscribed.
You will lose the ability to read your daily portion of motivators/demotivators �

According to these examples, it may seem that I am leaning towards the uselessness of smartphones. Not at all. All I did was mention the most common use cases. But there are others.

Online banking: quickly pay utility bills, loans, make transfers, track your expenses, and more.
Communication with colleagues and relatives: over time, the value of the communication has fallen dramatically, at the same time the quality and importance of the communicated content has also decreased which is completely logical. But among the heaps of spam (agree, that most of the information transmitted in messengers is not necessary, and it is quite easy to live without) there are really important bits of information. Work, family notices and others…

Furthermore, the modern generation cannot be torn away from their phones at all, through smartphones they learn life. Good this is or bad is another matter. The smartphone has become a communication tool. Some download applications to play, others to correspond, others to manage money, others to keep in touch, and so on… But what makes a smartphone the main communication device are the apps.

Let�s talk about this.

Smartphone as the main communication device

Which application solves your problems the most? Which apps do you spend the most time in? If you had the choice to use only one app – which one would it be? Let's see what role the phone plays in our life. We chat – it is communication, humans are social beings and communication is an integral part of people's lives. We earn and spend money – without this, it is not possible to imagine the life of a modern person. What else can we add here, what do you think?

I want to tell you about an app called Channels ( https://go.onelink.me/ORY4/seoarticle ) which successfully covers all the needs above, including your additions.

Communication: you can chat, share photos, make audio and video calls. This is enough to close all communication needs. In addition, the developers took the blockchain technology and modern encryption technologies and used them as the app basis. Thus, your communication will remain completely private. This is an element of true freedom and departure from total control.

Money: Channels provides the ability to store, send and spend money in almost all currencies (including crypto). Developers are actively working towards expanding fiat and cryptocurrency options in the wallet. Today, the app supports 12 cryptocurrencies, 3 fiat currencies and 4 stablecoins. You can manage your money without any involvement from banks, thereby being secured from the imperfections of the banking system and, again, total tracking of your monetary actions by the government or the private sector. The entire implementation of the storage system is based on the blockchain technology. Without commissions, you can purchase currencies you are interested in right on your smartphone, send money to friends and family, participate in group purchases, save money, or manage your business. The funds that are stored in the wallet belong only to you, no one can take them from you.

Thus, most of the communication needs, both social and financial are satisfied with this single application, Channels.


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