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☞MetaCode.World☜Securing the Future
100’s of millions of users managing 1000’s of petabytes of data per month by
2020 make MetaCode token the data management and file distribution currency of the future.
Token Genesis STARTS 5th JAN, 2019
~ With 60 Second Virtual Air-Drop~
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Engine and Utility Token (MTC)
~Next Gen Secure Data Management and File Sharing~

MetaCode is cutting edge encryption, data and file management technology with integrated
blockchain online infrastructure and the combined power, speed and reliability of cloud, fog
and mist fragmented storage and retrieval.
MetaCode Token
Inextricable key component at the heart of MetaCode engine.
100’s of millions of users managing 1000’s of petabytes of data per month by 2020 make
MetaCode token the data management and file distribution currency of the future.
MetaCode empowers individuals and enterprise with vastly superior solutions for privacy,
security, reliability and efficiency in data storage and retrieval. Revolutionizing the way
that broad based internet activity is performed and accomplished. Replacing fundamentally
flawed and soon to be obsolete systems with technology that perfectly fulfills the demand for
genuine autonomy.
MetaCode is next-gen digital medium for safe, secure, private, decentralized deep encryption
and storage of data.
MetaCode token operates key functions of cutting edge technology that is the MetaCode Engine
user interface software and online digital infrastructure.
The system leverages the power, reliability and decentralized nature of blockchain to vastly
improve speed, efficiency and security of data protection and storage.
High performance, ease of use and very low cost of operation make MetaCode Engine together
with MetaCode token the future of Data protection and storage.
Truly revolutionary architecture utilizes the best of cloud, fog and mist object storage
within layered safe-deposit vault cyber mapping virtual location(s).
User defined encryption and file fragmentation put full control over privacy and security in
the exclusive possession of the operator. No 2nd or 3rd party involvement. Trustless and
genuinely decentralized as no external authority exists.
MetaCode puts the “utility” in utility token first and foremost. MetaCode engine doesn’t
merely use MetaCode token to unlock the engine for use. But is actually an integral and
essential component of its operation.
At its most basic, files are entered into the engine interface and a unique alpha-numeric-
symbolic encryption key is created by the user. The key is used as the basic map for the
encryption process. The key is more than a mere lock existing over the file. It forms an
element of the encryption itself and therefore decryption cannot be completed without the key.
The MetaCode engine fragments the file according to elements of the initial encryption.
Preparing to send it to multi-dimensional C/F/M diffused storage vaulting.
A unique numeric string is generated by the system, and expressed as a left of decimal
numerical value (whole MetaCode token) influenced by file size (we call them LOD pronounced
load). Plus a right of decimal fraction of MetaCode Token (we call them ROD). When the user
initiates the upload to the C/F/M, The MetaCode token is sent to the appropriate smart
contract. This process writes the transaction to the blockchain. Embedding the code in the
ledger. The smart contract returns all LOD and a portion of the ROD sent MetaCode token to the
MetaCode engine address. this is the second numeric code. The difference between the two is a
value used as the third code.
The three codes together are used to generate a fourth code (using algebraic formula
influenced by elements of the initial encryption/fragmentation) that is readable (from
blockchain) by the online MetaCode infrastructure. This determines the address locations where
each fragment of the encrypted file are sent for secure storage. The numeric code is then
therefore essential to the later map retrieval of the file fragments. Providing a layer of
quasi-encryption further enhancing security, And preventing unauthorized attempts to locate
file fragments.
File retrieval is accomplished by entering the numeric string map code (expressed as right of
decimal fraction of MetaCode token) into the user interface, Blockchain transaction is
completed via smart contract. And the entire amount of MetaCode is returned to the user
MetaCode interface. File fragments are located and downloaded for reassembly and can then be
decripted using the original encryption key.
All the complexities and heavy lifting are handled by the MetaCode engine under the hood,
Making user engagement near effortless with smooth, easy to understand intuitive controls and
Additional security can be applied to any file with the use of advanced options, such as
replication and redundancy, “wild goose”, “white noise” and “red herring” to cause the
encrypted file to be extremely resistant to unauthorized decryption attempts. Media files can
be used in place of the alpha-numeric-symbolic key causing even the most powerful
“velociraptor” systems designed to brute force, dictionary attack or otherwise unravel the
file will grind its gears to dust without ever unlocking the slightest hint of the true
contents of the protected file.
MetaCode engine together with MetaCode token is a complete security and storage solution that
better addresses the needs of a wide variety of enterprise level entities such as healthcare,
insurance industry etc.
Beyond that, the MetaCode user interface can be widely distributed to interested individuals
freely to encourage widespread use.
One such use is the MetaCode’s ability to perform file sharing operations with total
anonymity. P2P file sharing is rendered obsolete by the features, security, speed and
reliability of MetaCode driven file distribution across vast networks. Efficiency is taken
beyond the next level to totally eclipse currently existing P2P protocols. And uploader
incentive is easily accomplished by the ability of the system to divert retrieval MetaCode
fractions to the uploaders MetaCode interface via discretionary smart contract instead of
being returned to the sender (downloader). Data location numeric strings and decryption keys
can be distributed widely, making file sharing easily accessible, very inexpensive and
potentially lucrative for uploaders of high demand files.
Moreover, free distribution and open source user interface together with developer support
will leverage user creativity and accelerate the creation of new and interesting opportunities
for the technology to address even more demands as this exciting project expands the horizons
of tomorrows online landscape.
The creators of the MetaCode project are deeply invested in and committed to the future of
MetaCode token.
It is vital to the success of the project that MetaCode rapidly and consistently gain value
many times in excess of its initial offering.
To that end, the project
is designed with major growth and corresponding token value
appreciation built into its DNA. Every metric is carefully considered with regard to the
expected massive increase in token value over short time intervals.
Fundamental concepts of economics apply to the behavior of people with relation to the
MetaCode project. The well established law of supply and demand is integrated into the future
expected behavior of the MetaCode ecosystem. Limited supply (no tokens will ever be issued
post token gen’ event) together with extremely high potential demand for tokens as a result of
probable exponentially increasing use of the technology will very likely push the value of
MetaCode token toward astronomical levels compared to its intentionally low initial offering
price. This is believed to be preferable to initially offering MetaCode token at a higher
price predicated on the idea that establishment of a pattern of rapidly increasing value from
the onset will help to create widespread consensus of MetaCode tokens probable valuation over
short, medium and long range future.
The concept of the invisible hand is recognized as favorable to the future of MetaCode
project. Individual self interest alone is very likely to have a positive influence on
MetaCode token valuation due to factors such as speculation. This is not directly intended to
be a factor in the development of the project. But must be recognized as potentially playing a
roll that is beyond the MetaCode teams ability to control. And certainly outside of the
MetaCode teams sphere of responsibility. It is said that competition and cooperation are two
sides of the same coin. This is especially true for the future of the MetaCode project.
Individual self interest and the natural drive toward personal advantage exists in a
cooperative environment within the MetaCode ecosystem. Recognition by token holders that
expansion of utility use of the technology will put positive pressure on token demand and
therefore push value upward is likely to encourage such individuals to behave as unofficial
diplomats of the technology. This activity is beneficial to all parties involved. Especially
considering that the utility use of the token is expected to always provide value well in
excess of the cost of the token. As well as the potentially lucrative opportunities associated
with the use of the technology.

☞MetaCode.World☜Securing the Future
100’s of millions of users managing 1000’s of petabytes of data per month by
2020 make MetaCode token the data management and file distribution currency of the future.
Token Genesis STARTS 5th JAN, 2019
~ With 60 Second Virtual Air-Drop~
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