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Hello and Hello Grin Grin guys. I want to introduce you one of the best projects in near future.

PROJECT: Cypherium
WHITEPAPER: whitepaper2.0 ( Pitch Desk (
FIELD OF INTEREST: Financial (digital identity, CBDCs, and very fast and secure transactions)
CATEGORY: Enterprise and business financial solutions
GOAL: Cypherium team has set five basic goals for the project:
1)An instant ledger to process real-time transactions for billions of users.
2)A smart contract platform to enable enterprise use cases for all industries.
3)A trusted database to connect isolated data islands around the world.
4)An open network to enfranchise any participant or contributor.
5)A secure vault to combat the increasing threats to data privacy.
�To achieve our goals, we have built Cypherium only on a foundation of the most cutting-edge and bulletproof technologies to date.�

Cypherium is an enterprise-ready blockchain project, which is designed to be highly scalable and robust which utilizes a hybrid design that features a joint Proof-of-Work (PoW) and HotStuff (Also adopted by Facebook�s Libra) consensus mechanism that can allegedly achieve thousands of transactions per second without sacrificing decentralization. Cypherium is designed in such a way to focuses on achieving scalability, decentralization, and commercialization viability.If you want to have a detailed read about the project, you can read here (

Cypherium will work with governments, banks, and financial institutions�.tech is the base but connections matter. Let�s see about Cypherium networking.

Cypherium served as a founding member of the OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute, where the team began working closely with several central banks to solve some of the pressing issues facing CBDCs. This has led to the development of the Cypherium Digital Currency Interoperability framework, as well as several upcoming collaborations with banks across Europe and Asia.

Cypherium enabled interoperability for Chinese CBDCs to be able to bridge with foreign CBDCs. Also partnered with the smart city project Suzhou where all the big boys develop already. Huawei, Tencent, etc.
China�s state-backed Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) has integrated with six public chains including Tezos, NEO, Nervos, EOS, IRISnet, and Ethereum. The move is part of China�s plan to be the one and only infrastructure provider for blockchain firms across the world. Global users will have access to China�s enterprise chains and financial data via the network�s cross-chain structure and partnership with China UnionPay. Could Cypherium become part of the plan in the future?
Cypherium is also part of the US Faster Payments Council with established members including 20 leading payments organizations as founding sponsors like SHAZAM, ICBA Bancard, Visa, The Bank of New York Mellon, North American Banking Company, Open Payment Network, The Clearing House, The New England ACH Association, Ceridian, Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Walmart Target Corporation, Goldman Sachs, First Data, TD Bank, and others. This council is intended to work on using dlt for fast and safe money payments on the US territory.

U.S. Federal Reserve published two interesting papers. The one from December 2018 describing Cypherium.
And the other one from January 2015 entitled �Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System� which lead to the creation of the Faster Payments Task Force and U.S. Faster Payments Council.

There are over a hundred founding members of the US Fast Payment Council and this is a place where new collaborations are done. It is also very interesting (to say at least) to see an official paper on Cypherium published by the government, U.S. Federal Reserve.

It is also interesting that Cypherium is a founding member of the OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute � a global banking think tank. Recently, the organization has helped policymakers navigate Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). You can read about that here (as well as Sky Gou�s view on CBDCs).
The team is also very active and is attending roundtables and conferences.

Cypherium is working with multiple central banks on interoperability between central bank digital currency (CBDC). A future financial trend of global proportions. The technology seems amazing as well as the connections they are making. They are PARTNERS whit, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, OMFIF( the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum), Federal Reserve Board, IC3, Randstad, Suzhou Smart City Initiative, also talking with several banks worldwide like Soci�t� G�n�rale and attending meetings with banks and institutions considering the acceptance of digital currencies and CBDCs. Also using Chainlink as an oracle.

Cypherium will be a big player in the future and might offer a great solution for cross-chain transactions among digital currencies and CBDCs as well as their interoperability and acceptance. Cypherium will play an important role as an interbank intermediary and will connect all kinds of data systems and enterprises, both public and private in the following years of massive distribute ledger technology adoption and upgrading of existing systems.
Another great feature developed by Cypherium is their Cypherium Virtual Machine (CVM), a Java-based virtual runtime environment for the execution of smart contracts on the Cypherium network. �Just as CypherBFT emerges as a solution from a careful analysis of the pain-points of prior decentralized technologies, the CVM offers original solutions to distributed computing�s most persistent problems. Chief among these attributes is the CVM�s Java compatibility, which grants the Cypherium network access to the world�s largest pool of legacy development and computing infrastructure. This serves as a necessary access point between the legacy web and a decentralized future. Other key features of the CVM with which the reader has become acquainted include hierarchical calculation, native 64-bit integer support, fixed-point representation, increased security, compatibility with other VMs including Ethereum�s EVM, atomic swap support, IPFS docking, and more. The CVM is a key innovation that allows the Cypherium network both to support everyday enterprise and economic transactions and to provide a framework for the developments of meaningful, �killer� decentralized applications.�

CEO of Cypherium ,Sky Guo: "A CBDC isn�t merely a representation of money, but money itself"

About the Cypherium Public Sale
Cypherium (CPH) Token Sale: September 16, 2020 9PM PT(UTC-7)  The sale will be conducted via the TokenSoft Platform. Every participant must complete KYC process by submitting the required documents. No residents of China, Malaysia and United States are allowed to participate

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P.S UPDATE: Cypherium (CPH) Token Sale: September 16, 2020 9PM PT(UTC-7)



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