“[Minimum Requirements] – Understanding discrete mathematics and elliptical curves – Understanding the Paring Based Cryptography – Basic programming capabilities (Javascript, Rust, Go, etc..) ) – Researching the latest papers [Preferred Qualifications] – M.S. / Ph.D. (mathematics or cryptography) – Winning the Mathematics Olympiad – Understanding the probing scheme of Zero Knowledge Proof – Interest and understanding of blockchain technology – Understanding of configuration management tools such as Git [Must submit] – Description of DFT(Discrete Fourier Transformation) and implementation code & description of Polynomial multiplication operations using this concept : Unlimited to programming language type – Explanation of Miller’s algorithm – Resume [How to Apply] – All positions are open until we find perfect matches for the team. -All files must be saved in PDF, but it contains too many documents, please send us a link instead. – Onther will contact each candidate individually. [Learn more] https://medium.com/onther-tech/job-openings-blockchain-tech-902098537088 Location: Seoul, South Korea, Company: Onther,

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