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Dear Fellow Blockchain Professional,


I am Soyal, a key member of the Expanse team. I want to introduce Expanse (EXP) to you, a next generation smart contract platform founded four years ago. Expanse is a blockchain, which is the first and most enduring fork of Ethereum. It was founded by Christopher Franko, an industry veteran who heads the project as CEO and the Lead Developer. The rest of the management team are geographically dispersed, highly accomplished industry veterans, who are committed to sustaining a platform that is faster, more secure, and more scalable than any of our competitors. You can see more on The original vision of Expanse has remained intact through the years – To build a technology that you can use to create the world you want to live in.

Would you like to build your project on the Expanse platform?
Expanse has created a token-creation dApp designed to help make your project a success. Using our proprietary Tokenlab� application, a token wizard leads you through the token-creation and launch process. This self-service dApp resides on the Expanse blockchain and provides the tools needed to help your project reach its potential, including crowdfunding.

Central to Tokenlab, is its Module Marketplace. It houses useful utilities to help you manage and market your token-based business. In our Module Marketplace, you will find dApps that help you manage airdrops, run advertising campaigns, and much more. You can use LAB to pay for licensing these dApps.

The most important thing that bootstrapped project developers consider is the price. As a developer, you must know that Ethereum dApp development runs into thousands of dollars. However, currently, we charge a fees of only 1000 EXP plus 1000 LAB, which comes to around 200 USD. Expanse also provides you the services of the EXPEX crypto exchange that runs on a proprietary protocol. Another exciting piece of information for you is that your project can get funded immediately through the EXP Grants Program, if you choose to apply for it and if our team finds your project worthy of being offered the grant. 

Have you unlocked the potential of your big idea?
You and your team have the Big Idea. Tokenlab provides the tools you need to help reach your potential. Let�s talk. Please contact me directly to set up a time to meet. In the interim, you can join our Discord channel [] []to find out more about what we are all about. Here�s hoping to hear back from you soon.

If you have any doubts or questions please feel free to contact.


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