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                                                 Make Komuro Great Again (MKGA)

                                                           KOMURO COIN (KEI)

We are friends of Kei Komuro at Fordham University, and want to help him to raise some fund in order to accomplish his dream. WE CREATED THE COIN FOR HIM @

Send 1 ETH to


                                                                                          to receive 1 Komuro Coin (KEI)

The coin is already listed  in EXCHANGES:!/trade/0xbf38f982454aaa5390df93cddfd1dabc3c20956f-ETH


Kei Komuro is a fianc� of Japanese princess Mako. He is currently studying at Fordham Law School in New York City. The father of the prince does not allow his daughter to marry him.

This is the Japanese version of �Romeo and Juliet� in 21st century.

The raised capital will be used for

His family is poor and her mother is in debt of $40,000 from her boyfriend.

His mother wants to open a antique boutique in Japan expecting to receive some money from the Prince family.

Tuition for 3 years law school at Fordham law school

Investment he need to obtain E-2 Visa to stay in the USA as a lawyer

$20,000x 3 x 3 = 120,000
First class airfare for him to go back to Japan to see the prince in every school break.

$1.2 million
The condominium he need to live with the Princess

He has to attend BarBri ( Bar Exam prep school ) to pass the New York bar.

The automobile he needs to ride for princess

$2 Million
The condominium he needs in Tokyo ather 3 years spent in New York.

He needs to convert his New York Bar to Tokyo Bar.

The Hospital bill at AIIKU hospital for his first child in Tokyo

$1.5 million
He has to pay to Japanese government in order to marry the princess

He has to take princess to the vacation every year

$2 mill
The wedding ceremony at the Imperial Hotel in Japan

The honey moon to Paris, Monaco, and Rome with the prince

$5 million
Donation to UNICEF

$1 million
Donation to ICU

$1 million
Donation to Fordham University

Donation to Liberal Democratic Party

$2 million
Opening a law office in Tokyo

$360,000 per year
The penthouse at Roppoing Hills C tower

$2 million
Dresses of Valentine for the princess

$5 million
Jewelry from Cartier for princess

Kindergarten tuition at Gakushuin for the first child.

$5 million
Vacation house in Honolulu, Hawaii.

If he can raised all above capital, he will be able to marry Mako, the princess of Japan.
So please help him to make his dream possible.

                                                                                 – His friends at Fordham law school, class of 2019


Kei Komuro, a paralegal at the Okuno & Partners law firm in Japan, will attend Fordham Law School starting in August. Mr. Komuro and Japan�s Princess Mako announced in September 2017 that they plan to marry.

Mr. Komuro has received the Michael M. Martin Scholarship. The Martin Scholarship is a merit scholarship covering the full cost of tuition from Fordham Law based on his strong academic and other credentials. The Martin Scholarship is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. He will enter the law school�s one-year LL.M. program and then hopes to continue for two more years to receive a J.D.

The law school�s LL.M. program is structured on two interdependent principles: globalization and specialization. The eight LL.M. degrees offer the opportunity to specialize in fields that are evolving as the law, economy, technology, and times demand. This spring, 181 students were enrolled in the LL.M. program, six of them from Japan. More information about the LL.M. program is here.


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