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[su_spoiler title=”Show forum topic” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”] is online gambling and betting 2.0, reinventing the online gambling industry and the way bets are placed online. The platform has been already developed and is live on

The BXK can be used as the in-game currency on the Bitbook platform! Players can bet in any major cryptocurrency of their choice, but when betting with BXK they can have a compensation of up to 10% of losses on bets! And various other exclusive and ongoing bonus programs run on the platform!

01.02.2019 – 15.02.2019

Public sale:
16.02.2019 – 31.03.2019

Nominal value per token:
0,1 EUR

ICO end date:

Payment methods:
BTC, ETH, credit cards, Bank transfer, Paypal

You can start to play right now! is a functioning global online casino and sportsbook that combines state-of-the-art IT solutions from the online gambling market with innovative Blockchain technology. offers a unique betting and gambling experience to a worldwide audience of players by combining betting and gambling on one single transparent platform with low house cuts, advanced tokenomics that ensure the increase of the token value over time and 10% cashback on player�s losses.

The platform has been live since May 2018 and has established itself as a Bitcoin-only online casino amongst a worldwide audience of passionate players. While the current development was financed by the project team, it is time to lift the Bitbook platform to the next level and build the sportsbook and online gambling of the future, including peer-to-peer betting through Smart Contracts. We at have long standing experience in the online gambling and betting industry and believe we can achieve our mission with your help, the community!

How it works:

The platform requires a minimal amount of information for a user to create and to verify his account.

Upon completion of the registration on the website, the user is redirected to the deposit page where the user is able to buy BXK tokens from an exchange. Once the purchase of tokens is completed, all users can transfer their BXK tokens from their wallets to their Bitbook account.

Users also have the option to deposit, play and place bets using different cryptocurrencies readily available on exchanges. If the user wishes to retrieve his funds, he can request to send his tokens to another wallet at anytime.

The user can withdraw his winnings and receive them within a few hours to his cryptocurrency wallet where he can convert his BXK Tokens to other cryptocurrency or withdraw them in the currency of his choice. Additionally, if a user�s balance at the end of the month is negative, he will receive 10% from his losses for free transferred to his account automatically. This bonus is only available to BXK token holders and will not be granted if the players has used Bitcoin as a payment method.

Our house cut rates are relatively low, with a hold rate for sports betting between 5 to 8% and 2 to 2.5 % for casino games (card games and slots combined).

The net profit for the platform is destroyed by sending it to zero address. This way, the effect if inflation is diminished and the price of the BXK token is appreciated, making the holding of / or playing with BXK tokens very attractive.

The games and betting options:

The platform will offer its players a variety of games and betting options through the Sportsbook, slot machines and card games.  The Casino has 200+ games of different kind – over 150 slot games and 9 different variations of roulette.

Currently, all games are live on the platform and available to play with Bitcoin. You can test them for yourself also in demo mode without having to pay anything! Visit and explore!

Slots                         Cards                        Sportsbook

The sportsbook offers odds on major sports worldwide from European worldwide soccer to american football, baseball, hockey, basketball, car racing, tennis, golf and more.
The benefits for players:

✅ Gambling AND betting                                                          ✅ 10% cashback on losses                                                                 ✅ Already live and functioning

✅ Fully transparent                                                                  ✅ High game diversity                                                                       ✅ Experienced team

Problems and solutions:

The status quo in the online gambling market is coined by numerous problems. While we acknowledge the existence of several successful blockchain casinos and betting platforms, some challenges still remain. We developed to tackle these challenges and lay the foundations of the future of online gambling and betting.

⍰ Problem: In traditional online casinos, players lose funds and are not rewarded based on their activity. They are not compensated/rewarded based on their performance or losses. As a result, users are frustrated and often quit a platform. Gambling operators thus continuously struggle to retain players.

☑ Solution: offers BXK token players 10% return on their monthly losses and receive exclusive bonuses not available for other cryptocurrencies. Lower transaction costs allow to offer this exclusively to its BXK Token users. These advantages are especially important for retaining customers with high engagement and long lifetime value.

⍰ Problem: The traditional gambling and
betting websites are lacking diversity in terms of game experience and betting options. Furthermore, the allocation of services is dispersed, meaning that betting websites do not offer gambling games and vice versa.

☑ Solution: offers a sports betting solution AND advanced casino games at the same time. Furthermore, the betting options and the casino games are more advanced and miscellaneous than traditional gambling and betting solutions – the platform offers over 200 gambling games and a diversity of betting options. By offering this diversity, becomes players one-stop-platform for all their gambling and betting needs.

⍰ Problem: Most of the ICO projects in the gambling industry die out within an year of their crowdsale. The value of their tokens is deprecated until it hits 0 and stops being sold at exchanges or even existing.

☑ Solution: We at have designed advanced tokenomic measures to ensure the steady price increase of the BXK token. We will be buying out tokens from exchanges and burning most of the net profit generated on the platform, leaving only sufficient funds for the further development. By reducing the token supply with constant or rising demand for the token, the value of BXK will be steadily increasing.

Industry facts:

The worldwide online gambling and betting industry has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% over the last 7 years. Compared to the average GDP growth rate, this means that the gambling industry has grown about 3 times faster than global GDP.
According to the latest market data available, the global market for online gambling reached 37.91 billion USD in 2015 and is projected to reach 51.96 billion USD in 2018.

The team:

Our team has extensive knowledge of the gambling and betting industry. Furthermore, by having a comprehensive mix of specialists with legal, marketing, technical, blockchain and industry experience, we can assure the sustainability of the project.[/b][/center]


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