Magic Airdrop for $10,000 from Wizardia

Wizardia continues to have airdrop rounds. They recently opened a stacking of their $WZRD token with yields up to 114% and listed on Gate.

Wizardia is an RPG Play-to-Earn game with augmented reality elements. The game focuses on the construction of cities, territory development, character growth, battles between players and AI, and where without the income NFT.

Investors and Partners
Polemos, Longterm Ventures, AU21 Capital, Ready Player DAO.

🎁 What are the prizes

  • 20 Arena Genesis NFTs ($225 each).
  • 50 people will receive 50 USDT each
  • 100 people will get 25 USDT each.
  • 3 Wizard NFTs worth 931 USDT.

Arena Genesis NFTs will generate revenue from arena battles and transactions. They are issued in limited quantities. Revenue can be calculated on the Wizardia website.

How to participate

📅 Deadline: April 18