Looking For High Quality Instagram Influencer


I'm looking for a high quality Instagram Influencer with at least 2 years of experience to do one or more promotional posts on Instagram linking to our website's Instagram profile.


Fake Check is a tool for anyone with a public Instagram account to check their social engagement score to determine the possible level of fake or dormant followers. We also have a members section where you can check your social engagement stats and how they change over time based on your post history.

I am looking for influencers who appeal to other influencers or have some connection with instagram marketing or social media marketing. Perhaps this would fit your profile, I am looking for someone who already fits with this idea so it doesn't appear too far away from their existing content.

The goal is to boost our Instagram follower count with members of our target audience.

Send offers with your profile details and you rate per post, or any other details.

Location: Worldwide

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