Lockness Incentive Testnet

Start 16.04.2022

Found a bug or something that you don’t like? Fill in the ‘Bug’ form via the link here! All viable reports will mean that you win Lockness credits for your find 😉

Here we have provided detailed steps explaining how to go about navigating our simple yet effective platform! (Please prepare your Metamask browser extension, If you don’t have an existing extension you can download the Meta mask extension here!

1. Visit the application hosted on the website Locknessescrow.io

2. Set-up your meta mask extension for test-net on BSC network and fund your wallet with test-net BNB through the BNB faucet. If you aren’t familiar with the process, you may follow the steps in the article here.

Believe it or not. That was the hardest part! Time for the fun bit.

3. Time to register an account. Click ‘Register’ located on the login home page and fill in the simple detail fields.

4. Navigate to the registered email inbox and click the prompted link to activate your account and login to get started!

This is where the magic begins!

5. At this point you should see the Lockness dashboard, Here you will be able to track and monitor all existing, pending and completed transactions that users send to one another! To get started click ‘Connect wallet’ and follow the prompts follow by clicking ‘Send Payment’

Ensure your wallet is connected before continuing through the payment process!

After connecting your wallet click on ‘Send payment’ to get started sending payment.

The next step may surprise you!

6. Send Cryptocurrency to any user through entering their email address. If the recipient has an existing account associated with the entered email, they will receive a notification on their Lockness dashboard. If they don’t have an account, NO WORRIES! Users will receive a link to their email inbox with a link to accept your payment without requiring an account. How cool is that!

Enter the email of the recipient of your payment. Its that easy!

7. After clicking ‘Next’ you may choose the style of payment you wish to make.

‘Standard payments’ are approved manually. You as the sender of payment will require to approve receiving the goods or services, once these are received you may click on the approve function and allow funds to pass through to the sender.

‘Milestone payments’ are payments set to go through to the recipient at a set timed period. You may set reoccurring payments to users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on what suits you!

Choose your style of payment.

8. After clicking ‘Next’ enter your desired amount. For the current Test-Net application, we have allowed the use of only Test-net BNB for testing purposes. You can fund your test net wallet through the Test-Net Faucet.

Enter the desired amount of BNB you wish to send!

9. Ever wondered what happens if you forget to approve payment? Each payment is accompanied by the ‘Maximum escrow duration’. After the set date has been chosen, payment will go through automatically at this point. For example if you expect delivery of the item to occur in 1 week, you will set this ‘Max escrow duration’ to 2 weeks to be on the safe side. If you have forgotten to approve payment after delivery of the item, funds will transfer automatically. If there is an issue with the order and a dispute is raised, 2 weeks will provide you with enough time to get the dispute sorted!

Click the calendar to choose the max escrow duration date.

10. View the final details and confirm everything is correct before clicking ‘Next’!

11. At this point the ‘Meta-Mask’ extension dialogue box should appear. Confirm the contract call and pat yourself on the back! You have created your first Lockness escrow payment.

At this point the recipient will receive the prompts to confirm the payment details and accept the payment in order to activate the payment you have made. At this point the profile will pop up on your dashboard and at the point of delivery don’t forget to click on approve!

Explore the Lockness platform and enjoy the safety and security of the most advanced crypto payment system on the market! Don’t forget to report any complications/Bugs you may have and remember! Its a work in progress 🙂