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Levblockchain LVE (www.lveblockchain.org) Organization INFO

**Levblockchain LVE**


– *Founder Arakelian Takvor*
– *Hardware technician,DIY Developer Aram Lazian*
– *White Paper-Privacy Policy Specialist ,Software Developer George Papadakis*
– *Communication,Web Developer,Banking Software Engineer Marino Karamanian*
– *Communication,Electronic Circuit-Hardware Technician Rafael Karadanis*

## New Developers Community Startup in Greece

**Projects Developing Organization – Blockchain Networks Developing – Mining Networks**

##Simple timeline##

**�Back on the Days�   3/2017  ""Kick start""**

– First home office setup
– Miners setup
– Project talks

 *8/2017  �Looking for Investors�*

– Blockchain projects are premature in Greece
– No official education infrastructure
– No mainstream publicity and education

 *9/2017  ��Sunny Day��*

– We found investor
Shipping – maritime company
– First meet

 *11/2017 �First project�*

– Setup office
– Setup first 10 miners
– Startup private investing Fund
– Talks for erc20 token "proof of security" project (for shipping-maritime company's token)talks for side chain for company's network (testing procedure)

   *12/2017 �vision of funding official  DEV community in Greece�*

– Keep investing in crypto and assets
–  *Money roll's perfect*
– Road map : 20 more mining computers
– Starting creation of office , looking to start an official community of Developers in Greece and educational library(physical and digital)

 *4/2018  �But we are in Greece of growth�*

Talks suspended by company,
Due to Capital problems(financial difficulties in Greece)

  *8/2018   �It Worsens �*

Investor's Company filed bankruptcy form
Investor Kept miners and profit gains
(Still profiting 11/2018)

 *8/2018  "" we did not give up and kept going""*

**Fresh start:**


– Home network
– Setup ethereum miners
– Starting creation of erc20 token for startup funding

  ## Token Info Levblockchain (LVE)

*(Leverage blockchain)*

**Smart contract address:**


**Name :**


**Symbol :**


**Total fixed supply:**

    108.000.000 LVE

**Total public selling supply :**

    54.000.000 LVE

**Circulating supply :**

    50.000.000 LVE

First year token buyback 20% of sold supply

   **10/2018  �Organization startup�**

*Start to rebuild our first self-owned official organization's office…..*

   *!!!!!!!waiting for builders to do their best!!!!!!*

## Social Media Accounts
   **10/2018  �Being Social�**

*account opening
Social media accounts*

**Levblockchain LVE**

– **Twitter**



– **Telegram**

Levblockchain LVE Channel


– **Gitter**


[https://gitte[Suspicious link removed]/Levblockchain-LVE/LevblockchainLVE](https://gitte[Suspicious link removed]/Levblockchain-LVE/LevblockchainLVE)

– **Reddit**


-**Github repository**


– **Discord**

Levblockchain LVE #0289

[http://[Suspicious link removed]/LVEdiscord](http://[Suspicious link removed]/LVEdiscord)

– **Slack**


– **Viber Group link**


– **[email protected]**

– **Bitcointalk**

Levblockchain LVE

## Contact Info
**11/2018  �Being on WEB�**

*Our domain and domain emails are READY!!!*

– **https://www.lveblockchain.org**

*Emails are ready and we're looking forward to hear from you soon for information and support*

– **[email protected]**

– **[email protected]**

– **[email protected]**


   *!!!!!!!!!Awaiting web developer !!!!!!!!!*

  (We have to work on our regular works too to sustain our goals)

  *11/2018  "" Unofficial Road map ""Huh??*

Link of road map on Github until preparation of website

  ## 11/2018  �Initial Funding�

**Token Pre ICO**

contact us at [email protected]

*2/2019  �Lot of Work ahead�*

– Start Preparing white paper

– Start preparing know your client(kyc)

– *Verified from etherscan.io and looking to be verified from other sources too!!!*

– *Looking for partner developers for new projects*

– *First office ready to set*

– *Setting desks and mining pcs*

– *Contact details ready and running officially…*

## Direct Contact Info
**1st Office address:**

**Greece/Attica/Piraeus/Agios Ioannis Rentis**

**Thessalonikis 9 and Makrigianni street**

**8th complex**
**Postal code: 18233**

**Landline: +302111989646**

**Mobile: +306981699158**

**Fax: +302111989646**

  **8/2019   �Listing�**

– *Looking to be listed at major exchanges*

– *Send paperwork*

## 8 /2019   � Economics- Projects-Investments�

**Funding and capital:**

**Initial Funding will provide our Startup's facilities to host**

– Hyper computers and networking units for developing a sidechain for testing our projects and after giving them ground to grow to the main net.
(We have already talked to energy companies and man
y of them gave us discounted offers)

– At least 2000 complete Hyper computer units for Mining , Indexing , Animation computing , Networking , Cloud networking , Side chain testing

– Physical book and digital libraries for educational purposes of early stage developers

– Workspaces and laptops for every registered new developer

**This way we achieve**

*Feature Self Sustainable Facilities by Capital rising goal*

**Further analysis:**

 – Hyper computers for Projects developing , Sidechain developing , Sidechain testnet , Mining , Renting computational power and Storage Cloud to other Users and Organizations

 – Keeping 30% ETH of funding for safety capital at token's smart contract for support

– Reinvesting and hedging strategies the 25% of $ on other asset classes

– Keeping 15% in ETH and 30% in $ for investing in new projects and safety cash for expenses

– Token's floating market price at Fair and Decent Valuable Levels

– **Buybacks to keep our investors continuously pleased and our organization's token Valuable, Attractive and "Feature Promising"  Without Inflationary Pressures.**

– Proper token's distribution to investors and holders thanks to fixed and circulating supply

**Basic developer and technician expenses will be covered so they don't distract attention from education and projects**

*Our facilities to be " home like" friendly and "warm" for developers*

**Self owned facility of  300 square meter(already owned)**

*Structured inside*

– lounge

– Bar

– Conference room

– Private offices

– Host rooms

*Will be used for :*

– free time sharing offices with every tool needed for other startups, developers and teams

– Public speech

– Public project presentation

– Public project marketing

– Seminars – webinars

– Public events

*Looking to host our global blockchain community for direct meet*

### Our vision

**Will help many young, passionate people who try and love working on fintech projects, products and developing from abandoning, because of country's educational erroneous infrastructure and frozen economic growth.**

### 3/2020 Feature Projects :

– Physical bunker at our facility with lockers 24/7 support
Anonymous storage,wallet address will be the holder and lock by wallets qr code

– Cyber bunkers to store fully encrypted data
In our private network Anonymously,wallet address will be the holder

– Automated platform Anonymously buy or sell Crypto to Fiat and whithdrawals.

– Smart contract based bidding or fixed price Real Estate buying by ETH and TOKENS ,ANONYMOUSLY

**That is only the startup's basic ideas and we have More Updates Coming for Feature Projects,until then Join our startup's community to keep you updated or feel free to contact us for Information about Development of fully Anonymous Decentralized Feature Projects.**

Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=%40Levblockchain

Github: https://github.com/Levblockchain

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