“MyCointainer is a well established 2 years old start-up that serves over 70K users globally. Due to the success of the v1 on the path now to scale further and enable more services that enable users to earn rewards from decentralized solutions. * Main Duties * 1. Integration of various APIs. 2. Experience in building back-end micro-services 3. Working on various products in our ecosystem ( from basic set ups of payment processing, deposits, admin panels, currency conversions, aml/kyc, assets management, marketing tools to plenty of crypto integrations/solutions and related in-house products) 4. Experience in building products in cryptospace, money exchange services or financial / fintech industries it's great bonus. 5. If you have skills in team leadership / pipelines management / tasks management / etc you will be given such opportunity. 6. Working alongside CTO, DevOp & Blockchain Engineer to deliver quality crytpo solutions. * Hard skills * 1. Core technologies: Node.js, Kubernetes, RabbitQM, Docker, JS/TS. Other technologies are allowed too (since it's a micro-service architecture) 2. Working in the past with crypto related technologies and stacks Web3/Etherjs, EVM blockchains 3. Experience in building event driven architecture. * Qualities * 1. Hunger for success 2. Excellence in constant & rapid delivery 3. Clean & understandable code. 4. Great attitude 5. Self-motivated, self-managed * Why us? * 1. Great flexibility and lean team of 4-5 focused quality developers with huge amount of decision power in shaping products 2. Attractive, booming industry of crytpo. If you're willing to grasp or enter this industry you will be working alongside people that have great knowledge in it. 3. Working full remotely on your schedule. We care about the delivery not how many hours you spend in front of the computer. 4. Quality products, great technologies, many things to be build from scratch since we're moving into micro-service architecture. 5. For successful candidates that are willing to stay with us longer we will be also offering equity packages & other monetary incentives. Location: Remote, Company: MyCointainer,

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