Lead DevOps Engineer with NixOs, Rust and Cloudflare Job at Holo

“Apply here: https://holo.host/careers/lead-devops-engineer-with-nixos-rust-and-cloudflare/
Key Responsibilities:
– Manage the architecture and technical leadership of Holo’s DevOps infrastructure
– Extend and optimise NixOS and cargo (Rust) scripts that compile and manage binaries across linux/mac/windows systems
– Assess risk, impact, cost, best practices, processes, and tool chains for infrastructure, CI/CD/CM, operating requirements, security, and use of hardware (including HoloPorts)
– Oversee and support the continued improvement of the Holochain release processes and tooling
– Successfully integrate DevOps throughout our organization
Typical Tasks:
– Develop and manage automated continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) solutions for Holo’s software products
– Enable automated configuration management (CM) for all development, test, quality assurance, and production servers
– Implement metrics collection systems that can be reused and applied to any site/software development project
– Design scaling strategies and develop automation scripts and solutions for the purpose of streamline, implement, and test sites/software
– Update tools, code, and modules for the purpose of streamlining implementation and supportability
– Create solutions for managing and ingesting large numbers of documents in real time, enabling prompt search and analysis
– Implement monitoring solutions that identify system bottlenecks and production issues
– Identify and implement big data storage solutions and schemas to maximize performance
– Conduct trainings and coach others on how to build processes that clearly represent and manage dependencies in code as well as the workings of reusable tools and patterns
Needed Skills:
– 5+ years of DevOps Engineer experience (Required)
– Experience with Nix and NixOS, Rust, and Cloudflare (Required)
– Experience in large-scale systems automation, orchestration, deployment, and implementation
– A solid knowledge of encryption and key security
– Skills in the configuration, maintenance, and securing of Linux systems as well as skills in scripting languages such as Shell
– Experience in scaling distributed data systems (e.g. Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Spark)
– Working knowledge of a typical networking stack
– Able to work in a remote, distributed, multi-time zone environment with occasional travel (~ 1 week per quarter) for coworking sessions
Location: Remote,
Company: Holo,

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