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We are glad to welcome friends and wish you all nice days!

A new project  > > Kassa:Network  < <  has been set up. These are the world�s first smart-contracts with limits for the deposit period, limit for amount of one deposit and limit for complex amount of all deposits in the program.

>>>Promotional video of the project!<<<

About the project

Instant manual payouts once per 24 hours. To get the payment you need to send 0 ETH to the contract address. After that the smart-contract will transfer deposited percents to your wallet.

Multilevel partner program: assessment of 5 � 7 % of investments of your personal referrals. Additional income up to five levels �depthfirst� for each deposit of your network in Kassa:Network.

We provide operational support via Telegram, Skype and @mail and convenient familiarization of the new participants with the rules of investment and gaining income using the smart-contract.

As for the financial audit, each smart-contract has been audited and tested for vulnerability by independent expert companies.

Date of start is December 11, 2018.


Kassa:Network excludes the human fault and is economically elaborate, and due to this fact the lifetime of the project thoroughly increases. Possibly � by several years. The source for Kassa:Network is the system of arbitrage transactions and the order management system, as well as the depositing of part of income from trade and arbitrage transactions by large crypto investors (above 30 ETH).

Mathematical model of the project regulates:

–   limit for one deposit period;
–   limit for amount per day of one deposit from one wallet;
–   limit for total amount of deposit per day for all smart-contract (all deposits).

The project is intended for long-term work mode and considers the factors mentioned above.

The project economics has been displayed in Google document


Addresses of Kassa:Network smart contracts

�Basic� Tariff � 0x069b5065fadfedbfe9094029234a9bc3838f2f2e
�Stable� Tariff � 0x72fa6623cc0800bc180639d60c33c95426d76576
�Urgent� Tariff � 0xb0601ee3d8ed87a7f7cd9264ec5d02fe5ae30c97

Kassa:Network investment plan

�Basic� Tariff � smart contract is going to assess 0.5% of the invested amount for you to withdraw every day. You will take twice the amount of ETH than you invested. + 100% for 400 days.

�Stable� Tariff � smart contract is going to assess 0.75% of the invested amount for you to withdraw every day. You will take by 40% more of the amount of ETH that you invested. + 50% for 200 days.

�Urgent� Tariff � smart contract is going to assess 1.3% of the invested amount for you to withdraw every day. You will take 1,5 as much the amount of ETH that you invested. + 30% for 100 days.

Withdrawal of your funds can be made momentary upon your request.

Minimal amount of ETH deposit

�Basic� Tariff � 0.5
�Stable� Tariff � 0.25
�Urgent� Tariff � 0.1

Distribution of funds

85% � investment plan payments;
7-10% � referral program payments;
5-8% � complex promotion, PR-support, project development.

Multilevel partner program

�Basic� Tariff 5 levels � 5%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 2%
�Stable� Tariff 3 levels � 5%, 2%, 1%
�Urgent� Tariff 1 level � 7%

Almost all smart contracts promise above 3% income per day � all your life long! Those who invested ETH earlier than you, will profit, and you nearly end up with nothing. Such funds keep on not longer than 2 months (and every second � not more than 2 weeks), while the load on funds distribution is so high that no promotion is able to compensate for  payments to investors. Mathematical model of Kass:Network function is thoroughly thought-out: 5-8% of the total balance is invested to large-scale promotional campaign intended for constant development of the project.  The aim of everyday income of 0,5 � 1,3 % is long-term and stable work.

If you are still not invited to the project, you should OBLIGATORY make sure to indicate 0x7A21fedDC0EB49e817474727f855682210140A50 in DATA line for successful registration.

Disbursement application

Disbursement may be applied for no more frequently than once a day. You need to send 0 transaction to the address of the contract of your deposit with GAS amount of 300.00 and GAS price in GWEI not less than recommended Gas Price (gwei) on https://ethgasstation.info/ website. The undisbursed GAS is returned back to your wallet.

We have been audited and tested for vulnerability by independent expert companies

Be sure to get to know the investment conditions https://kassa.network/info.php

Deposit creation and funds withdrawal:


Example of making an investment from my wallet is here


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