JLikecoin(JLike) – Like and Receive !

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JLikecoin(JLike) – Like and Receive !

Brings wealth and happiness all over the world

JLikecoin(JLike) is a crypto coin that starts with no monetary value, and with a high supply.

With 1000000 JLikecoin(JLike) available per person on earth it is the only coin with sufficient supply to be adopted worldwide as store of value and exchange of value (transaction time about 20 seconds).

JLikecoin(JLike) has 2 short term objectives :

1) Support the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Between 1 and 5 % of the population uses cryptocurrency in 2017. We need to invite the other 95 % to try out the potential of cryptocurrencies. Therefore we offer a JLikecoin(JLike), so that everyone can play with this coin without financial risks : create and restore wallets, send to other wallets, test how Exchanges work, ….

2) Be the basis for Airdrops.

Now that Google, Twitter and Facebook block publicity for Cryptocurrencies, how can a new crypto project reach potential investors ?
This is still possible via Airdrops. The holders of the JLikecoin(JLike) are the ideal target audience for Airdrops. Everyone interested in cryptocurrency can obtain (nearly Free) them and store them in free wallets.
When a new project airdrops towards the holders of the JLikecoin(JLike), they reach a large audience open for crypto.

JLikecoin(JLike) has 1 long term objective : after the mass adoption (nearly for free) it will become the most spread cryptocurrency in the world. People will trust it because of the hands-on experience they have with the JLikecoin(JLike). People will start using the JLikecoin(JLike) as store of value. As the trust in the coin grows, the price will rise. It will become a very profitable investment for the holders. And finally it will FREE all of us from Banks and other 19th century institutions of the old wealth.


1) is the coin really FREE ? For 99,9999 % : to distribute the coin we have to use an exchange, and on an exchange some minimum amounts are imposed …

1A) The cheapest price we can introduce is 0.000001 TRON . This is not fully free, but very close to fully free

2B) If you create a "buy order" youself, this buy order should be for minimum 0.001 euro (limit imposed buy the exchange). But there is a way around this : Click on the sales order in the order book to which will display "click here to buy". Then you can change the "amount to buy" to buy 1 JLikecoin(JLike) for 0.000001 TRON

2) Where can we obtain the JLikecoin(JLike) : at https://tronscan.org/#/exchange/trc20?token=JLikecoin/TRX&id=156

3) JLikecoin(JLike) is an Tronscan TRC10 type of token, so can be stored in every Ethereum TronLink wallet. The Tron Token ID

JLikecoin(JLike) is also very democratic and inclusive : because the initial distribution is free, everyone in the world can become a JLikecoin(JLike) holder.

Lets redefine the distribution of wealth on earth. Let us drop the 19th century definition of wealth imposed by banks, and let us create and distribute in a democratic and inclusive way the new wealth worldwide.

Information Token JLikecoin(JLike) :

● Name : JLikecoin
● Symbol : JLike
● Decimals : 3
● Type : Blockchain Tron , Token TRC10
● Max supply : 100,000,000,000 JLike
● Bonus ICO     :  10,000,000,000 JLike
● AirDrop, Bounty  :  10,000,000,000 JLike
● Marketing, Fees List  :  10,000,000,000 JLike
● Dev, Team    :  10,000,000,000 JLike


Created by Neekel