Jelly Protocol Incentivized Testnet

  • Start: 20.04.22
  • Deadline: 26.04.22
  • Pool: 100 000 $ JELLY

!!! NFT is hard to buy at auction, because of the high price, if you can not buy, then wait for stage 3, there you can exchange ETH for JELLY and put it in farming. Floor price 7 ETH, faucet send only 0.1 ETH



  • Switch the Metamask wallet to the Rinkeby test network and get test ETH, which you can get in this faucets (1234)
  • Let’s buy in auction NFT in test network OpenSea in Sweet Pool and Royal Pool (I had my offerers put only in WETH), after buying NFT should be displayed on
  • After that you should be able to see your rewards, and see your SLPs on the Unstake tab in Sweet or Royal
  • At last, fill out the form

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