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**What is Porn Point?**

PornPoint is very easy, accessible open-source network, which enables endless capabilities.

**What are the purposes?**

Buy and Sell Sexual-related Products and Services with Anyone Worldwide, on the Pornpoint Decentralized Marketplace Platform.

Coin specifications

Coin Name : Pornpoint
 Ticker: PNPT
 Coin Type : MN/POS
 Total Supply : 300,000,000
 Collateral MN : 100,000 PNPT

**Decentralized Masternode Network**

Decentralized Governance By Blockchain allows masternode owners to vote on budget proposals and decisions that affect PornPoint. Budget proposals fund PornPoint development and come directly from block rewards.

**Block Reward**

The number of points mined per block is 42 PornPoints. 10% (4.20 PNPT) go to budget proposals, 22.5% (9.45 PNPT) to miner and 67.5% (28.35 PNPT) to masternode. Additionally there's yearly decline of 5%.

**Algorithm / Protocol**

PornCoin is a merge-minable SHA256 cryptocurrency hybrid layer 2 PoW/PoS consensus with bonded validator system (masternodes). Mineable either exclusively or via merge-mining any SHA256 PoW coin. Block time: 60 seconds target

**100 Masternodes For  Sale**

They are selling 100 Masternodes from the premined points. Each Masternode you buy will get you 100,000 (PNPT) Pornpoints. *** Server and Installation NOT included ***

You are not obligated to setup a Masternode (yes, you can simply hold on to the 100,000 Pornpoints), but they encourage you to do so and be fully integrated with the Pornpoint Decentralized Governance System, plus you will be part of the block rewards.

ROUND 1 – 10 Masternodes (1 to 10) at $250 USD each

ROUND 2 – 10 Masternodes (11 to 20) at $500 USD each

ROUND 3 – 10 Masternodes (21 to 30) at $750 USD each

ROUND 4 – 10 Masternodes (31 to 40) at $1,000 USD each

ROUND 5 – 10 Masternodes (41 to 50) at $1,250 USD each

ROUND 6 – 10 Masternodes (51 to 60) at $1,500 USD each

ROUND 7 – 10 Masternodes (61 to 70) at $1,750 USD each

ROUND 8 – 10 Masternodes (71 to 80) at $2,000 USD each

ROUND 9 – 10 Masternodes (81 to 90) at $2,250 USD each

ROUND 10 – 10 Masternodes (91 to 100) at $2,500 USD each

**Important links**

Website: https://pornpoint.org/
 Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5114156
 GitHub: https://github.com/pornpoint/
 Explorer: http://explorer.pornpoint.org/
 Discord: https://discord.gg/GupTNyh

If you have any  interest to promote your projects,please feel free & knock us we'll give you the best services promise.

To get us please join here : https://discord.gg/krh7Hyu

we are more active in discord.

Github: https://github.com/pornpoint/

Discord: https://discord.gg/GupTNyh

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