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Hello!!!Everyone.Today I am talking about another good coin which are better choice for you.

Name of the coin CATO COIN

CatoCoin is the Next Generation in Masternode Technology.CatoCoin�s principal architect is a IT professional with over 30 years of professional IT experience who
works with some of the world�s largest Fintech companies on block chain projects and on-prem to cloud
migrations. This gentleman has also been an active miner for the past 6 years and an investor in
Masternodes for the past 2 years.
The Principal Architects� expertise is augmented by a seasoned development and marketing team and a
group of three highly knowledgeable advisors who provide valuable input and guidance into the design,
development and strategic direction of CatoCoin.
                Coin Specification:
Name: Cato Coin
Ticker: Cato
Algo: Xevan
Type: Masternode/POS
Reward Split: 70% MN / 30% POS
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Confirmations: 15
Masternode Confirmations: 15
Minimum coins required for staking: 100
POS Maturity Time: 2 hours
Total Coin Supply: 42,000,000
Pre mine: 400,000
Pre-mine %: Less than 1% Coin

Why is CatoCoin a good investment?
INNOVATION IS OUR MISSION: We are thought leaders and innovators
CatoCoin is the first POS Masternode coin with long term value and sustainability designed into the coin.
Our innovative approach by linking rewards and collateral increases to the number of Masternodes is
revolutionary and addresses the problem with coin oversupply. We have not attempted to attract
Masternode owners with unsustainable ROI percentages because we know that it�s unrealistic & self-
destructive. Our revolutionary coin design insures excellent ROI percentages even after hundreds of
Masternodes are running.
Our NextGen Technology has been granted a provisional patent by the USPTO.
The long-term value in CatoCoin will come from our innovations and sharing those innovations through
open source. For instance, our revolutionary algorithms to adjust reward and collateral without de-
activating the Masternode will be open-source through our GitHub repository.
We are just getting started. Our plans include a real-time wallet interface to exchanges so you always
know the BTC and dollar value of your CatoCoins. In addition, we plan to introduce inter-wallet sales of
CatoCoin for BTC through P2P connections supplemented by a Cloud Based Microservice architecture to interface with several major exchanges.

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