IG-Crypto Holding ICO

Crypto-Mining with renewable energy.
IG Crypto Holding is a project whose goal is to build a sustainable mining farm for Cryptocurrency Mining.
The electricity for Mining is generated with Photovoltaics and Wind turbines without external electricity providers. This enables us to offer our customers affordable prices regardless of external electricity prices.

Website https://ig-crypto.com
Token * Platform IGCH * Ethereum
Token price 0.1000 USD
Registrar domain Vautron Rechenzentrum AG
Domain reg * exp 2020-02-13 * 2021-02-13
Nameservers ns1.lima-city.de
Telegram https://t.me/IG_CryptoBounty
Contact Email

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During the launch of bitcoin in 2009, Bitcoin mining was a very successful and lucrative venture. Those who started early successfully accumulated BTC tokens through profitable mining. Then Slowly, the value of Bitcoin consistently went up in the next few years, resulting in a fast rise in the level of difficulty of the mining process. This development made it harder to solve mining equations and it also made mining bec0me a lot more time-consuming. Investors wanted to ensure consistent profitability so Cloud Mining was developed.
With China taking the lead in bitcoin mining, it is estimated that about 70% of all mining in the world take place here but the largest bitcoin mining farms exist in Iceland, the country attracts miners by a cold climate and inexpensive electricity. Electricity and Climate is a huge factor to consider when establishing a mining farm because it helps in reducing running cost enabling miners to enjoy cheaper maintenance fees.
IG Crypto Holding, is a project targeted at providing cryptocurrency miners with a profitable, cheap and affordable cloud mining infrastructure equipped with fast computing power from its specialized high-performance computers which are efficiently set up in the IG Crypto Holding self-sustaining Mining Farm.
The farm achieves its self-sustainability by generating its own clean energy and electricity through photovoltaics and wind turbines without the use of any external electricity provider. The electricity generated is more than sufficient to fully power the farm house without any interruption or downtime.
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