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Website 888tron.com
Registrar domain DYNADOT, LLC
Domain reg 2018-11-19
Domain exp
Nameservers nola.ns.cloudflare.com

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[su_spoiler title=”Show forum topic” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]888TRON is a decentralized gaming platform based on the TRON.network blockchain. This project is public and strives to change the traditional approach to managing businesses in the gaming sector. The first users of the platform will have a unique opportunity not only to play games and win, but also to become co-owners of a highly profitable business.
The project is aimed at cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts who understand the value of blockchain technology and believe in its growth, development, and global application potential. Those who own 888TRON tokens become the owners of the platform. Tokens can only be obtained by those who play games using the platform. This protects 888TRON against a situation where tokens could become concentrated in the hands of outside investors who might try to manipulate the platform for personal gain. The platform� s profits are intended for even and transparent distribution among all the token holders through a smart contract. Dividends will be paid in the TRX cryptocurrency, which is traded on all the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Over the course of the project� s development, the team will receive tokens and dividends, but only if the project is successful.


TRX (Tronix, the official cryptocurrency of TRON) is the main currency used by the 888TRON project. The project� s token has the TRC-20 format and 888 as its registered name. The issue of tokens is limited and does not exceed 100,000,000 tokens. The purpose of the 888 token is to distribute the profits of the platform among its players fairly and transparently. The 888 token can only be obtained by making bets using the platform. The process of mining the platform� s tokens by betting is divided into 65 levels. At each level, players will be able to mine 1,000,000 tokens. The minimum starting bet for mining one token is TRX 700. After each level is passed, the minimum bet will increase by TRX 20.
Profit distribution will be made in the TRX cryptocurrency among all holders of the platform� s tokens in proportion to the number of tokens kept in each holder� s wallet. After the end of each level, dividends will be paid only to those whose tokens were in circulation. Once the process of mining ends, dividends will be distributed automatically once every three months. In order to receive dividends on the day of their distribution, token holders must transfer their tokens to their personal wallets. For example, User A� s Wallet holds 2% of the total volume of 888TRON� s tokens. 888TRON� s income over the reporting period has amounted to TRX 30,000,000. In this scenario, User A would receive an income of TRX 30,000,000 * 0.02 = TRX 600,000.

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B дaнный мoмeнт paбoтaeт Кoлeco фopтyны и идёт мaйнинг тoкeнoв 888
Игpaть или yчacтвoвaть в ICO

Читaть whitepaper


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