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Hello ICO/STO Founders, I want to share with you a new marketing solution for telegram promotion your project, ICO, Cryptocurrency, or another project.

How can I help you?

We will attract investors from successful ICO Projects to your project.

We have collected the base of all investors who use telegram, who invested before and who I know personally.

We are in partnership with many ICO Projects, also we are in a good partnership with Venture Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Pools.

Our team analyze each project personally, and we discuss with our investors via private and public group. Our pool of investors trust us and most of them invest in the projects by our hands.

How does our Strategy works?
When we will invite investors to your ICO, Telegram group, at this stage very important community support from your team, prepare investors, warm them to invest. Investors are smart, If they won�t see the reaction from your team, they won�t invest as well. Real investors will carefully learn your project and get point of view.
Our investors are very active who are constantly communicating with our team and ready to invest in good projects. They will invest in your project only if we will prepare them. That�s why we have our own public and private community, for communicate with investors, and make contact with them, also for attract new investors.
We will give you advices, how to communicate with audience and will help you with it.

We know the psychology of investors.
We know their needs.
We know how to convince them to invest in your project.

Price for our work is:
Invite investors to your ICO projects via Telegram:

�Bountyhunters� 5000 (Bountyhunters � Investors). Prise is $1000

�Small and medium investors� +10,000 ( From other succesful ICO Projects, Bountyhunters) + Post in our Group 24h. Price is $2000

�Big Investors� +10,000 from private pool, Venture funds, users from Crypto exchanges (Binance, Kucoin) All of our Base of investors will Added to your ICO/STO Project +All recommendations 1 week advertising in our public group +support! Price is $3000

�ALL INCLUSIVE� 25,000 Targeted investors+ Full our support for ICO Period+ community support + 2 weeks Advertising inside our Community (several Private pool of investors). Price is $5000

You will see first result immediately, every package has time for preparation, don't waste time to thinking long, let�s do you project live today.

We are not giving you a guaranty that all investors will invest exactly in your project, but we know exactly, how to present your project right and how to attract attention from investors, they believe once, invest for long. Let us do our work best, and you will enjoy the result.


Advertising in an �ICO SPEAKS� group:

​Example how we post it:
We have a battle, whose project will live longer than the ICO Stage ?.
You only have 24 hours:
to vote for the project that you think justifies your hopes.

You will get the amount of investors involved in your project.
Investors support from our Admins team + recommendations + review your project.

Investors has opportunity to communicate in three projects simultaneously.
or only in one which they are interested.
We are also doing a post with separate overview for bounty or airdrop campaign, where all wishes members can participate and receive tokens for the participation in the project.
Wedo not accept payment for placement for granted.
accept this as sponsorship and support of our community.
We like to do our work but we are not altruistic to do it for free.

Here is our sponsorship prices.

One post for 24 hours in ICO Speaks Community. Price is $300

One post per one week with community support. Price is $500

Two post per one week for two weeks period + community support + our recommendations to our reliable investors. Price is $700

Full month of Advertising in our Group + Admins support+ weekly updates + Admin rights in our community. Price is $1000

Telegram Offer (Weekly)

Telegram announce on https://t.me/icospeaksnews 126K subscribers, cost 100$

ICO Discussion only about your project +pin message on https://t.me/icospeaks https://t.me/icolisting
groups, cost 500$

Create a Review and share it on 300 TG crypto-groups with promo on ico speaks, cost 800$

Send a PM via TG to base of 100K investors with offer to buy your token, cost 700$

Invite our Base of Big Investors to your telegram group or channel 10k investors, cost 1000$

Invite investors from Binance, Kucoin, Huobi exchanges to your TG group, Channel 15k investors, cost 1500$

Feel free to contact me https://t.me/ico_supporter https://icospeaks.com

Telegram https://t.me/icospeaksnews

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