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Hello Dear Friends!

Pleased to meet you!

We are the founders of project TECO!

What is TECO?

Our project TECO located in Southern Federal District (SFD) of Russia, aimed at making good use of old, damaged tyres by recycling them. TECO is not a small-scale project, boasting of the single largest tyre recycling plant in that district, capable of processing 130 tons every day. From the recycling of these tyres comes products such as crumb rubber, which is purchased by other companies for their own applications.

What Makes TECO different?

TECO has found a gap in the market, realizing that only a miniscule amount of used tyres are handled by their competitors in the market, and with such large facilities, they have a chance to capitalize on this opportunity. They make use of modern industrial equipment for their rubber processing, and no tyres are burned, further branding their dedication to environmental well-being. TECO utilizes their own transport chain, reducing the chance of hitches due to the errors of a third-party. Our site: https://tyreeco.com/teco_main_en


We will be are recycle used rubber tyres and other rubber waste. Our storage capacity allows us to simultaneously store about 40,000 tons of tyres. As a result of processing at volumes of up to 130 tons per day we get crumb rubber for further utilisation. We supply crumb rubber and processed materials to our partners, using our own logistics company.

Our softcap: 200000$ Our hardcap: 5000000$


Our pluses for investors:

– All tokens receive dividends at 30% of net profit.
– Bonus tokens are subject to redemption. Those are redeemed in the amount of 20% of net profit. The price of the purchase of such tokens increases annually by 20% of the nominal value.
– Repurchased bonus tokens are transferred to the management team.
– Dividends are not accrued on the transferred tokens. The management may acquire 10% percent of all tokens issued.
– If investors do not make an offer for bonus tokens reimbursement in full, the remainder of the amount set for redemption is used to pay dividends.

Our presentation for you:


How Can I Invest?

TECO is giving the opportunity to get in on this lucrative industry with TECO tokens on platform Ethereum(ERC20), currently worth 28 cents per token, but bound to increase in value. The company is currently valued at over $8.5 million. If you purchase tokens before the 1st of March, you get TECO tokens with a 25% discount, an opportunity for even more value.

Well, the buying our,s tokens, you gets the right to a share of the profits in a real sector economy.
Thanks for listening, Friends and we are glad to see you among our investors and business partners!

Whitepaper TECO: http://tyreeco.com/teco_white_page

Our social networks:





Best Regards, your founders TECO!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tyre_Eco

Telegram https://t.me/TyreEcoToken

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tyretoken

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ProjectTECO/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJJ3Qle6wx0&t=24s

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